CTfastrak behind-the-scenes tour

CFE joined other transportation advocates and CT Department of Transportation on a tour of CTfastrak, the new busway between Hartford and New Britain.


  1. The bus tour started in Hartford and headed along the entire route to New Britain.
  2. We were excited to go from looking at the map on paper to traveling along the route ourselves.
  3. Some of the stations are still under construction, like you can see below, but others are almost done!
  4. Nice looking benches at the Cedar Street Station. We're looking forward to sitting on them while waiting only a few minutes for a bus!
  5. Want to connect your bus ride to other forms of transportation? It's easy with CTfastrak.
  6. The buses have other convenient features for traveling and commuting too--like wifi. 
  7. Confused? Never fear, CTfastrak has thought of everything!
  8. Besides cutting down on your commute time, congestion, and greenhouse gases, there are other environmentally-friendly features of CTfastrak too. 
  9. How does CTfastrak help the region and the economy? FOX CT has the answers:
  10. We're looking forward to visiting small businesses up and down the route. CTfastrak offers lots of great options to explore transit-oriented development along the corridor.