CSUF Holiday Message 2016

This year Cal State Fullerton’s annual holiday video message is going to feature social media posts from our followers wishing our Titan family happy holidays and a wonderful new year. To participate in this year’s CSUF Holiday Message you will need to post a creative Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube clip and tag it #csufholidayvideo. Tell our followers your reflections about the holidays and what you are thankful for leading into 2017. The post can be a selfie video or include your classmates, co-workers, friends and family – as long as it is a holiday message to your Titan family. Take a look at what people are thankful for this year.


  1. From CSUF Alumni and CSUF Student Interns #csufholidayvideo
  2. Find out how to share your holiday message with the Titan Family

  3. Titan Weekly | CSUF Holiday Video, Where to Vote, Women of the Year Awards, Cubs win World Series
  4. Holiday Social Media Posts

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful Holiday Video submissions and spreading the joy of the season! Take the time to see what your fellow Titans have made for us here at California State University, Fullerton!
  6. Titans Take On The Mannequin Challenge

  7. Happy Holidays from the Division of Information Technology #csufholidayvideo #csuf #calstatefullerton #titansreachhigher #mannequinchallenge @csufofficial
  8. Happy Holidays from Titan Communications! #CSUF #csufholidayvideo #titantv #mannequinchallenge
  9. Happy Holidays from the Daily Titan!#csufholidayvideo #mannequinchallenge #csuf #dailytitan
  10. The CSUF EWP wants to wish you all a happy fun fit holiday season! 🎉🏋🏼🏋️‍♀️☃️🎄💪🏼Special thanks to the EWP family for being such fabulous mannequins and members. You all rock! 🎥editing credit to @ericquiros8 #csufholidayvideo #manequinchallenge #csufewp #lovewhereyouwork
  11. Behind the scenes of IT's #csufholidayvideo. Check it out in 360 video on Facebook @CSUFIT #csuf #calstatefullerton #titansreachhigher
  12. The Singing Titan

  13. Shout out to the Titan Fam! #csufholidayvideo #repostfromtwitter
  14. Holiday Madness with Titans