15 Travel Tips: Moab, Utah

What to keep in mind if you make the trek


  1. 1. Moab, Utah is famous for its outdoor recreation opportunities. If you want to bring your own equipment, be prepared for a heavy haul. (Renting may be a better option for smaller groups.)
  2. 2. The temperature can vary year to year. Spring and fall are the most popular tourist seasons because of the typically mild warm weather. Always remember the sun screen!
  3. 3. If you fly into nearby Grand Junction, Colo., the gift shop at the airport offers free (good) coffee.
  4. 4. You will not have cell service in all locations. Plan ahead (be sure you have enough water and gas to last), and enjoy the technology-free time.
  5. 5. Take time to enjoy the view.
  6. 6. Spend the night outside, even if it's only one night of your trip.
  7. 7. Bring a first-aid kit. Whether because you're trying new things, or from becoming dehydrated and light-headed, falls and scrapes happen often. Be prepared.
  8. 8. Make sure your first aid kit includes moleskin, tape, scissors and Band-Aids–the up-and-down climbs required to get over the many beautiful rock formations in Moab area hiking can give you blisters, even if your hiking boots are well worn.
  9. 9. Wake up early. Stay awake until nightfall. The sunrises, sunsets and starlight are not to be missed.
  10. 10. Pack lots of snacks.
  11. 11. Try something new. Moab boasts a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities–step outside your comfort zone, and give one or two a try.
  12. 12. Make sure you're prepared for when things go wrong–for example, if biking, have a basic bike maintenance kit with you, and know how to use it. And don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.