Greg Abbott isn't saying much, and that can only help him

Andrea Grimes and friends illustrate how Republican Greg Abbott perhaps hopes to win the Texas gubernatorial election over Democrat Wendy Davis: by keeping his trap shut.


  1. IMHO, Greg Abbott has been disastrous for Texas in his 11+ years as Attorney General.
  2. Much of Republican rhetoric since Davis came onto the national stage last summer has consisted of misrepresentations of her life and her positions, along with blonde jokes.
  3. Much of George W. Bush's initial electoral success in Texas--i.e. defeating Ann Richards in the 1994 gubernatorial election--was the result of lowering expectations. Karl Rove made "not getting his ass handed to him during the campaign" seem like a successful performance.
  4. By his own admission, Abbott has sued the federal government on behalf of Texas twenty-seven times since Obama took office. During the 6+ years Abbott was in office during the G.W. Bush administration, he sued the feds three times.
  5. And Republican voters will believe it. Because they want to.
  6. You can't commit gaffes if you never say anything. And Davis' campaign can't say what Abbott represents if Abbott never says it--well, they can say what his record clearly indicates he represents, and then Abbott can say that Davis is misrepresenting him, and so on.
  7. Point out that Abbott is being a coward, maybe?
  8. Yes, just like that.
  9. He has some smart people around him, I'll bet.