Explaining ADD Meds

Explaining how ADD works to someone who has never experienced it can be extremely difficult. It's hard to explain how your mind seems to work....differently than most people's, and how even the comprehension of time itself doesn't match up with how most people go about their day.

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  1. Medications for ADD present a whole other set of challenges. Yes, they probably are overprescribed in a general sense, but that doesn't mean that they aren't effective and necessary for a large number of people.
  2. Elon James White, who periodically tweets about his own experiences under the hashtag #ADDCheckIn, offered an explanation by analogy of how ADD meds works, and why they are so helpful for people with ADD.
  3. A huge thanks goes out to him for this information. I hope this is helpful for people.
  4. Coffee mellows me out. It takes many, many cups before I get even remotely jittery.
  5. Here's where he gets into the analogy, in response to a request for clarification.
  6. And here's where the rest of mental health makes it all so much more complicated.
  7. I can relate to that. F*** off, anxiety.