Carry on Camping #oldsmooc_conv ergence/conv_ersation

This is the story of the camping related side conversation that sprang up on Twitter during the #OLDSMOOC convergence session on Tuesday. #OLDSMOOC is a is a 9 week project based MOOC on the topic of learning design.


  1. I can't remember how, or why, the reference to camping (or tents) came about, someone will have to check out the recording for that, but the reference certainly triggered something amongst a few of us. I do recall though that one of the "convergence team" picked up on the conversation and made a comment about the importance of getting the visual imagery right in an online learning environment.
  2. It was really great that Penny (@penpln) was willing, and able, to share her holiday pics.
    A small act such as this really lifts the spirits as it establishes that real people are out. Human connection is vital for learning online.

    Amongst @yvetteinmb and myself a conversation, which continued into the next day, took off about nomads and rhizomatic learning.
  3. The Twitter stream around the convergence session was like a breath of fresh air after living under the cloud of the course platform, Cloudworks. For that story, I'll direct you to the blog of my newly found #OLDSMOOC partner (@virtualleader), and she can fill you in.