1. Great thing about web forums that we can return to threads months later!
    I recognized a need for a casual tradition in classical music decades ago and began arranging hit symphonic works (MY favs anyway) for one, then two ensembles of 4-8 players to share in churches and schools, then bars and homes. Click my icon to read and hear more. But once I joined the Classical Revolution movement that began in SF, I felt my calling was to be an evangelist of sorts, sharing the good news that everyone can know Bach's love (or Brahms or Schubert). I also began composing music that blends classical with urban pop; not as a way to "tear down walls", but to show how great STRUCTURE can be.
    Thinking outside the box begins with listening to people suggest ideas or even poke fun at classical music, and taking them seriously. What if we COULD let someone in the audience conduct us for something easy? The effect is so tremendous, some major orchestras are doing it now. CutTime® can do it in a bar.

  2. What's next is PATREON. wink emoticon
  3. "Owning a business is complex, expensive, and a whole life commitment, something extremely different from simply owning a DSLR camera. If you participate in this craft photographing for others and it is not your primary means of putting food on the table for your family, this is a conversation you need to be a part of. The craft commands it, your work commands it, and so do those you photograph for. This article by Danielle Jackson speaks a lot of truth about the realities of professional photography."

    - Jordan Bush Photo
  4. Good article! Having been 'freelance' since I lost my photo editor gig, I run into lots of companies that want me to work for credit/byline. Funny how insulted they get when I ask if they work for credit/byline, but they expect others to work for credit/byline. It's tough being a photographer these days lol
  5. I constantly see old photos being used to illustrate current news stories with no credit in a seemingly attempt to make it seem as though the "news" organization has actually taken the photo themselves (and radio stations that have no clue about visuals seem to be the worst culprits) instead of actually hiring photographers in an increasingly visual world, doesn't make sense to me.
  6. Agreed. Reporters have a hard enough job as it is without having to worry about taking photos or finding stock images. Let word people concentrate on words and visual people on visuals.
  7. I'm a freelance journalist now. Was used to newspapers sending a photographer for the articles I wrote. Now I'm used to being asked for any photos I take myself, or copyright-free art I "happen" to find.
  8. The other problem is the use of dated file photos. I see more and more clients using photos I took six or more years ago, photos were are out of date because the location has changed, been rebuilt etc. It's not just budget cuts and lack of photo editors. the trend to centralized copy/layout desks mean that the sweat shop "editors" don't know the region, have no incentive to care about accuracy or timeliness, they just have to get the material processed.
  9. Every Artist who wants to be a successful business person should be the Graphic Arts Handbook. They should READ IT and follow the guidelines and ethics. The only problem with artists is that they sabotage themselves by being insecure and DOING the wor...See More
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