First Tuesdays on a Sunday

First Tuesdays reading series host the book launch for a translation of Landscape with Yellow Birds. In the spirit of translation, they offered an open mic only for translators. Here are some samples.


  1. Miguel Falquez-Certain, who read from his translation of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez's play Diatriba de amor contra un hombre sentado 

    "Nothing looks more like hell like a happy marriage..."
  2. Reading of the only play Garcia Marquez ever wrote.
  3. Margaret Carson, who read from her translation of Mercedes Roffe's work, Teoria de colores 

    "My fate is to bare in my soul a while sterile forest...."
  4. Translations of poems on the reactions of paintings.
  5. Bilingual reading of a Jose Angel Valente poem by translator Thomas Christensen and writer Miguel Falquez-Certain. 

    "Ni la palabra ni el silencio..."
  6. Bilingual reading of Valente's poetry.