Crap Joke of the Day™: the story so far

In early 2011, Crap Joke of the Day™ (CJotD) launched on the interweb superhighway. Your faithful CJotD team, made up of humble and hardworking researchers, copywriters and quality control officers, set out to publish a world class crap joke every weekday afternoon. Here's the CJotD story so far.


  1. One crisp spring afternoon...
    On 7 March 2011 Crap Joke of the Day was born. It was launched with one core purpose - to stir souls and lift hearts through the world's greatest 'so bad they're good' jokes.
  2. And we kicked things off with a stormer. Never before have Mexicans and basketball come together in joke form, but we did it in our inaugral crap joke. Risky, momentous...and just the beginning. 
  3. Straight from the off, CJotD wasn't just a website featuring bad jokes. It was a community. 
  4. -
  5. In those early days, the ground-breaking crap jokes just kept flowing. The CJotD editorial team was on fire, taking on a range of themes including murder, vampirism, canine blacksmiths and Craig David's role at the 2012 Olympics. 
  6. Crap Joke of the Day was growing. Our sights were set on global crap joke domination. Our fans were hugely supportive, wherever they were. 
  7. -
  8. CJotD #8 was an award winner. But not just because of the crap joke itself: the bad joke preamble explored whether laughter really is the best medicine. 
  9. All was going spiffingly, but on the eve of Crap Joke of the Day #13, disaster struck. The CJotD crap joke logbook went missing under mysterious circumstances, along with some new-fangled highlighter pens from the stationary cupboard. The police were called in, but it would be some time before the truth was uncovered. 
  10. With the CJotD supercomputer shut down pending the police investigation, keeping CJotD afloat was hard work. But we struggled on
  11. As ever, our fans' support - and advice - was critical.