Sen. Marco Rubio tweets a tough American Airlines flight

He was a Republican vice presidential nominee short-lister, a prime speaker at the Republican National Convention, a Daily Show guest and is a rising star in conservative politics. But airlines are the great equalizer in America, as Marco Rubio found out.


  1. #AmericanAirlines #Flight1967 #LAX
    #AmericanAirlines #Flight1967 #LAX
  2. Following is an exchange between Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and American Airlines as the senator waited during flight delays Friday night.
  3. While there were apparently no sickouts on Sen. Rubio's flight Friday night, the airline has been struggling as pilots protest pay and labor conditions at the struggling air carrier:
  4. If the folks running the American Airlines Twitter account realized they were dealing with a U.S. senator, they certainly didn't show it. This is the boilerplate response they handed out through the day for passengers complaining about service and delays.