Anna Joltaya

working to a future of a journalist. love music and really want to travel the world.

Pulse editor at Chicago Sun-Times.


Empowering editors-in-chief on the basis of the following principles: mutualisation, innovation, sustainability.


Seeking solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia.

curtis rush

Staff reporter for the Toronto Star. [email protected]

Mark Brandau

I write about marketing and Midwestern chains for Nation's Restaurant News. Mostly I just eat.


Multimedia Journalism Coordinator at UMass/Amherst. Journalist for 25 years.

Kelsey Proud

@stlpublicradio web/social media producer. A little #nerdy. Likes human-friendly journalism best. Lives with bells on. [email protected]


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Bo Hee Kim

I write/produce/edit/photograph/curate stories. I'm currently a student at UCB's grad school of journalism and an intern for

Scott Kleinberg

Social Mediaologist • internet curator • latte guy • mentor • Chicago Tribune social media specialist. Links+retweets are not endorsements. Opinions are my own.

Kathy E Gill

Digital media educator at UofWA, study social media space; write @ TheModerateVoice, newsvine; transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles!


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