Live Tweeting the Sensitive Movie

For Highly Sensitive People


  1. The Sensitive Movie by Elaine Aron was available for the weekend, I ended up live tweeting the film with the hope that some of the many gems from the film would find their way into the social media and maybe get a wider audience.
    If you want a more detailed review go to 
  2. Dr Ted has written several books on High Sensitivity and also specialises in highly sensitive men. If you are interested, please sign up for his twitter account which has some very useful advice for men and for parents of boys too.
  3. This is so important, we as HSPs should be part of the world instead of on the sidelines.
  4. This is a little garbled, but it's an important point. Research using fMRI scans show that HSPs aren't by nature socially anxious or shy, and that if they are, this is something as a result of personal experience and not because they are an HSP.
  5. An HSP who its overstimulated is often less than charming, and as it is the most noticeable element of sensitivity non-HSPs often see that as the only thing about being an HSP and not just one part.