Plato and the Politics of Reading

A collaborative lecture given by Professor Christopher Long at the University of San Francisco, Thursday, October 25, 2012. Here are the curated tweets and other artifacts related to the lecture and courses I taught designed to perform the sort of collaborative reading for which I argued.


  1. Preparations

  2. In order to give some context to how I intend to use Twitter and Storify to curate the lecture and cultivate a community of collaborative readers, I wrote a post about the rationale and logistics of live tweeting my own lecture.
  3. Ron Sundstrom, the main catalyst behind bringing me to the University of San Francisco, quickly retweeted the post. Thanks, Ron!  
  4. I created both a Facebook and a Google Plus event to try to make people aware of the lecture.
  5. I have been grateful for the kindness of some friends for retweeting and mentioning the event to spread the word about how I am using twitter:
  6. Resources

  7. Arrival in San Francisco

  8. It was great to receive such a warm welcome to the Bay Area by the University of San Francisco's Gleeson Library.
  9. And some support from friends back home at Penn State.
  10. Got a nice retweet from @usfca to its over 3K tweeps.
  11. Marjolein Oele, Ron Sundstrom and I had a nice lunch at Velo Rouge Café the day before the talk. Here are some pictures.