1. Dear POTUS: Letters to the Next President

  2. Journalism and Media Academy students participated in Letters to the Next President 2.0, an initiative that engages and connects young people as they research, write, and make media to voice their opinions on issues that matter to them in the coming election.
  3. Dear POTUS Cyncere Preston
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  5. Station Accomplishments

  6. Our education initiatives were acknowledged by the PBS Newshour Student Reporting Labs and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences this year.
  7. JMA/CPBN Hackathon

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  9. JMA and CPBN have created a wonderful partnership that gives JMA students a unique opportunity to learn about journalism and broadcasting in a very hands-on way. As a parent, I’m very grateful to the teachers at JMA and the staff at CPBN for their dedication and belief in the value of this collaboration.
  10. Warner Theatre/CPBN Student Reporting Initiative

  11. CPBN Education and the Warner Theatre started the Reporting Initiative Hub to bring the world of public media to students in the northwest corner of Connecticut with a 10-week journalism program.
  12. Warner Theatre Student Reporting Initiative
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