Harnessing the Strength of a Thousand Rivers

On October 7th, CPA celebrated 45 years of building power, organizing, and making change. Over 500 of our members, allies, supporters, and volunteers joined us in San Francisco to mark this occasion, as we honored some amazing changemakers. Thank you to everyone who made this happen.


  1. Welcome our emcees of the evening: Stacy Kono & Eric Shih

  2. Currently CPA Board Members, Eric and Stacy have been involved with CPA for over 15 years.
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  4. In Memorium: Pun Yi

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  6. Earlier this year, long-time CPA member, Qi Wen Pan, also known as Pun Yi, passed away at 95 years old, earlier this year. In the 90’s, Pun Yi also helped to found CPA’s Women’s Group, because she saw the need for women to support each other and develop their leadership skills, while also building lifelong friendships. She will be missed as everyone’s friend, neighbor, auntie, and grandmother.
  7. Honoring the End National Security Scapegoating Coalition

  8. CPA Board Member and co-founder, Pam Tau Lee, honors the End National Security Scapegoating Coalition. Joyce Xi, one of the founders of the coalition accepts the award and shares her family's experience with scapegoating and racial profiling.
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  10. "The Xi family understands that achieving true justice is linked to concrete action to end the terror of racial profiling." - Pam Tau Lee
  11. CPA 45th Anniversary: Honoring End National Security Scapegoating Coalition
  12. "In Chinese American history, this kind of profiling is familiar. For my family and this coalition, it's not just about being Chinese. We want to highlight that racial profiling is systemic. We must build bridges and solidarity with all communities who are facing this to truly eliminate it...with all of you, I also have hope that we can keep building together for a broader vision of justice and that we continue to see our interconnected humanity." - Joyce Xi
  13. A Look Back at our Roots

  14. This video takes a look back at some of our victories and accomplishments over the years. Thank you to Anica Wu & Angela Tabora.​
  15. Harnessing the Strength of a Thousand Rivers: A Look Back at Our Roots & Impact
  16. Honoring Free City Campaign

  17. Carly Liu, CPA leader, honors the Free City (College) Campaign for their work to make city college free to San Francisco residents. "Free City College gave immigrants like myself hope and opportunity." - Carly
  18. CPA 45th Anniversary: Honoring Free City College Campaign
  19. Free City Campaign members included: AFT2121, SF Labor Council, Jobs with Justice, Community Housing Partnership!
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  21. "Students and educators, labor and legislators, community members and organizations like you have created a raging river across the country to show we will lead the nation in advancing the cause of progressive ideals. Inclusion, equalization, and education are a fundamental human right. But we are not a done yet. We need you to help us and lead our free city college nation. We need you to help us strengthen our Free City win and ensure that Free City College remains stably funded..." - Anakh Sul Rama
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  23. CPA leaders lead us in a song - 友誼之光 In the Light of Friendship

  24. CPA 45th Anniversary: TWC members lead us in a song - "In the Light of Friendship".