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U.S presidency, gay witch hunting and former oil executives

U.S elects lesser of two evils, Britain sells arms to Saudi and ATOS declare a double heart bypass patient fit to work.


  1. It surely can't have escaped your notice that across the pond the citizens of America this week elected to keep the incumbent war-mongerer, Barack Obama, in favour of the potentially even-more-destructive war-mongerer-in-training, Mitt Romney. 
  2. Despite all sorts of shady attempts by rich white folk to prevent ethnic minorities from registering their votes, Obama's multi-cultural followers managed to outnumber the extreme-right element within American society who thought the man who kept Guantanamo open and ramped up a deadly drone war has been 'too soft' on foreign policy.
    Glad as I am that Mitt Romney will probably never become President, I can't say that I was jumping up and down in delight for Obama. It would have been akin to celebrating a drone strike that 'only' killed 5 innocent civilians instead of killing 10. 

    Mr Obama's 'emotive' acceptance speech would have carried more weight had he actually meant any of it. For instance he claims that everyone has the 'right to freedom & dignity'.  Especially if you live in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen. Right, Mr Obama?
  3. Back on 'safer' territory here in Britain, Newsnight intended to name a Senior Tory Politician as an alleged child abuser on Friday night. Alas, the very same libel laws that kept Sir Jimmy Savile from justice for 40 odd years prevented them from doing so. Still, in these modern times we have Twitter to help us out in these matters. Within minutes the name was spreading like wildfire across the interweb to such an extent that even a cheeky Google search presented you with an answer...

    If you haven't already, I really would recommend reading up on some of the allegations. If true, they are shocking to the extreme. Stories of pre-teen boys from care homes being raped and abused by groups of 8 or 9 men, said to have included MPs, Policemen, Carers and sons of Lords amongst others. Vile.

    Still, our national media didn't have the guts to confront any senior Tory MPs on the issue. So then it was left to Philip Schofield (of all people) to do their jobs for them, confronting Mr Cameron on live daytime television. A misjudged camera angle, by the way, allowed the nation (or at least those watching or searching YouTube later on) to see 4 or 5 of the names in the frame. Dave promptly reverted to type, instead of answering the question he spun his way out of it in truly remarkable fashion saying: 'We need to stop this becoming a Gay witch-hunt.' RE-WIND! Who said anything about Gay people? This is about paedophilia, just what is Mr Cameron suggesting?!
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  5. Atos have been keeping themselves quiet of late, but bounced back with a bang this week in their own inimitable style. Again largely unreported in the mainstream media, it was left to the Welsh paper The Daily Post to report on the case of 60 year old Danny Shurmer who in May last year was declared 'Fit to Work'. The problem was, you see, he was in intensive care recovering from a double heart bypass at the time. It took him 9 months to get his benefits reinstated and his appeal is still being heard. Oh and he's had another three bypasses this year. "What's that son? Heart trouble? Get back to work, lazy scum!" This is Cameron's Britain.
  6. David was in the Middle East on business this week, stopping off in Dubai and Saudi Arabia on a mission to sell more British weapons. He was even given a nice little medal by King Abdullah of Saudi in a heart-warming, (let’s be honest, vomit-inducing) public show of love between fellow authoritarians. David promised he'd raise the issue of Human Rights while on tour, but one suspects that would have been quite the awkward conversation:
    DC:  "We want you to buy our weapons."
    KA: "Give me 1000 of everything."
    DC: "In return, we want hard cash and guarantees of smooth oil supplies."
    KA: "Deal."
    DC: "Now I know this is awkward, but you're not going to use these weapons on real people are you?" (DC winks at KA).
    KA: (looks confused, then understands) " Oh, no. Definitely not..." (KA winks back).
  7. Speaking of oil, the Church of England will announce the next Archbishop of Canterbury shortly. Now I know nobody cares about these things, but it has caught my attention this week. You see, the next Archbishop is a former oil executive. Justin Wellby is an Old Etonian who went to Cambridge and worked in the Oil Industry for 11 years. Fans of the man who has been Bishop for just a year claim him to be 'A Visionary'. Ooooh, how exciting. Still, sarcasm aside, it's an incredible rags to riches story... Isn't it?