Sue Llewellyn

Journalist. Broadcaster. Communicator. Ex BBC TV newshound. Helping BBC and others with social/digital strategy and training. Incurably curious.

Gerard Paardekooper

Matt Irving

Aspiring Healthcare Game Changer at @dailyRx, @RxWiki, @1800therapist, @1800oncologist All opinions expressed are my own.


Lauren Worley

Inspired by those who dream. I work @NASA. Every day is an adventure. Sometimes I tweet about it.

Julia Karmo

Foreign News Editor at @SkyNews. Previously Moscow producer. Interested in ways that tech+collaboration create original content. Views my own.

Evelio Contreras

video producer, original video team @CNN Digital. Previously, video journalist @washingtonpost, @lasvegassun, @roanoketimes.

Lauren Malkani

Virginia Griffey

journalism, new media, linguistics, editing, snowboarding, baseball, running, math, food justice

Duarte Romero Varela

MA Online Journalism student at @bcumedia. Interested in data, social media and visualizations. You can also find me at @xan_guindan (in Galician language)

Madeline Moy

Social media & food enthusiast.