These Types Of Packaging Can Kill Your Business


  1. It is a fact that every product that is selling through online, the user would see its packaging first, and later they see the product. Therefore, an attractively packed product would create a great impression on the customer before he experiences the product. That positivity can make a significant impact while he opens the sees the product. Think that you receive a product with sluggish packaging, what you feel about the product. If you are opening such a packet, even if the product is good, you might think the way other and would look for any issues with the product. Even while purchasing the products from physical showrooms, people like getting it in attractive and proper packaging. Packaging is an important part of product marketing as it gives the first impression about the product. If you consider few factors, you can avoid ending up with any issues of packaging.
  2. It shouldn't be Confusing

  3. It is found that many packages are confusing to find what product is inside or what its use is. That kind of situations should be avoided, and the package should represent and say what is inside it. Confused? There are packages with multiple stickers, no clear information about the products, what are its uses, etc., and inappropriate designs. You can avoid these issues by following a simple but attractive design with all the required information provided on the packaging in an easily retrievable and readable manner. Always think in a consumer point of view, while designing the packaging and check whether it is useful and catchy to an average customer.
  4. No Too-much Packaging

  5. Securing the product by heavy packaging can be good when the product is too brittle, but it is not always appropriate. While packing the product, think whether it is required to have a heavy packaging for the product and also whether the customer would struggle to open it or not. Apart from inconvenient to open, some packagings are difficult to dispose and environmentally hazardous. Packaging can be made simple by adding perforations and tabs as people can find it easy to uncover the packaging. Additionally, the flexible packagings are giving an increased comfort like less shipping costs, ease of use, and no damage to the product by a forceful removal of the packaging. Therefore, always use simple and easy to use packaging supplies to make packaging for your products.
  6. Careful at Product Packaging Redesigns

  7. Many times it is found that an attractive redesign of the packaging can boost sales of the product. It gives a new look and feel to the product, and people can find it fresh. However, you have to be careful while making the redesign and should think whether the product is easily recognizable and impress the consumers or not. Tropicana did a redesign for its mango juice bottles by making a modern and stylish appearance and removed its orange-and-striped-straw labels. The replacement labels came with simple blocks of text and shades, to appeal the customers with a modern look. But, it created an immediate negative response, and the brand faced a rout in its sales. Within two months Tropicana dropped the new design and grabbed the old one.
  8. Product packaging is a simple and easier job for professionals with deeper knowledge on how average people and market think about it. If you find that some of your products are not getting good sales, the issue could be with its designs or packaging supplies. Get the assistance of a professional packaging advisor and feel the change in sales.
  9. Poor packaging from an eBay seller.