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What I did during the DNC

I took a week off my normal duties as high school sports writer to cover the Democratic National Convention. Here's a look at what I did.


  1. After months of planning, the five days that I worked the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte flew by. They were exciting, fun and a little stressful. It was a lot different than covering high school football. 
    I worked on the social media team for the DNC, which meant I ran our Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I also got a taste of covering protests and watching the speeches inside the arena. 
    I did so much that I wanted to compile it all in one place. 


    My first day was spent in the office monitoring our Twitter account. The convention hadn't officially started yet and the big protest was finishing up by the time I came in, so it was a bit of a slow day. I still managed to post three blog posts. 

  2. Monday: 

    CarolinaFest, an uptown festival that was an unofficial part of the DNC, was Monday morning. Coming in late, I missed most of the action there and rain ruined most of the later parts of the festival, including a performance by James Taylor. I blogged about that.
  3. I also talked to a local business owner who was behind Google's funky hub at the DNC. 
  4. That turned into a double byline story with Sergio Tovar in Tuesday's paper. 
  5. I spent most of the rest of the night monitoring Twitter and blogging occasionally. 
  6. Then, right when we were getting ready to leave, Occupy had its first big protest of the week. We stayed on and tweeted it. While I was tweeting, one of our interns put together a Storify about the protest. We left around 1 a.m.
  7. Tuesday: 

    The first official day of the DNC was very busy for me. It was my first time really getting out of the office, and when I did I walked past a protest, found a dancing traffic cop and an abortion protester that was approached by Mormon missionaries. 
  8. That video is up to 3,400 views. 
  9. After that it was a lot more tweeting and blogging.