Sketchnoting: GDG Global Summit

  1. Every since Write Speak Code I've been really into sketchnoting.
  2. Chiu-Ki further inspired me with her recent sketchnoting video.
  3. My pair of Google Glass usually sits in a drawer, but I decided to dust it off for the GDG Summit and Google I/O this week.
  4. Realization: I can video tape my in progress #sketchnotes using Google Glass.
  5. I started with a title section at the top when people were filing into the auditorium.
  6. There were several talks in the morning, but the most important parts I picked up were a meetup integration and new event tagging.
  7. The web keynote was just before lunch.
  8. I wrote down notes in a semi-logical layout. Usually I start on the right and move left and then down.
  9. I emphasize more important bits by making the lines thicker or adding color. I also add arrows for relationships and interesting borders to add structure to the note.
  10. Finally I tracked down some color to finish off the sketch!
  11. @chiuki I am in desperate need of the GDG logo colors — Can I borrow them for a sec?Where are you?
  12. Would love to hear your thoughts.