Peripheral learning

An example of information gleaned via Twitter from a conference on the other side of the world


  1. I have created this storify primarily as a way of showing a way that social media can be used in health care. You might find it interesting for the information reported in the tweets too! Read on... Today I went to work in Darwin, Australia at an Aboriginal Healthcare Centre and spent most of the day with the mobile team doing outreach work. It was a relatively busy day of sometimes challenging clinical medicine. During the day I used a few tools to look up clinical information. One was paper based and another was static digital data. At the end of the day I was catching the bus home and browsing through my Twitter home stream when I stumbled across a number of #ICEM2012 tweets from other doctors I follow. The first tweet I noticed was from Dom Brannigan, who usually inhabits our Apple Isle (Tasmania if you aweren't sure) and is currently some distance away in Dublin, Ireland at the International Conference on Emergency Medicine.
  2. I knew the conference was on, but being on the other side of the world I wasn't paying much attention, so the serendipity (although using that word is a slight exageration) of hitting on a live tweet from the thick of it while in the downtime of commuting was ideal. So at this point, my interest piqued, I started scrolling back to find out a little more and get to the grist. It was exciting to find an active twitter stream, with a few key players sending a feed out to the world reporting on the presentations. First up, here is a picture of a tweetup from the first day of the conference by Mike Cadogan. It'll be good to see the second day tweetup pic, I'm sure there'll be more people.
  3. Then I was able to follow along for some of the first presentation. Professor Patrick Croskerry spoke about clinical decision making and the differences between analytical versus intuitive ways of thinking. I've compiled a selection of tweets below, some of which include photos showing the slides that he used.
  4. There were more tweets than this, but this gives you an idea of the presentation while probably leaving lots of questions in your mind about the rest of the content! By this point my bus had arrived and i had a short walk home, so I left the conference behind. On going back to make this storify I scrolled through the #ICEM2012 stream and have grabbed out some of the salient points. First up, some info about rehydration in children and gastroenteritis:
  5. And here's some information about trauma presentations, which seems to have coincided with a mock-up of a rail disaster (plenty of pics popped up at this point). Some great reminder points in this presentation and the final slide summary posted below is useful.