Awaiting equality: Rachel and Jen

"As a bi-national, same sex couple, we feel the weight of DOMA's discrimination heavily. Not only are we denied several federal benefits taken for granted by married heterosexual couples, but we are also discriminated against for immigration purposes, leaving us with an uncertain future in the US."


  1. Rachel and Jen travel from New York to Washington, DC for the U.S. Supreme Court's hearing of the Defense of Marriage Act. The court's decision will greatly affect their lives.
  2. The night before oral arguments in United States v. Windsor, Rachel and Jen make an emotional pilgrimage to the Supreme Court.
  3. Awaiting Justice and Equality
    Awaiting Justice and Equality
  4. Interview with Rachel and Jen. "What do these people know about our lives?" Jen asks. "They called our marriage an experiment."
  5. John Zangas Interview of Jennifer and Rachel at Supreme Court DOMA 3-26-2013