House swapping and why it’s taking over booking a place


  1. Everybody would like to lounge on the beach, to have a luxurious place to stay at and have an amazing vacation. However, many people never get to experience such holidays because of how expensive hotels and rental villas are. The good news is that there is another way and it is called House swapping. House swapping is exactly what it sounds like. You temporarily exchange your home for the home of someone else. That way you both get to experience new places without spending a small fortune.
  2. How does house swapping work?
  3. House swapping websites have been around for quite a long time. Their purpose it so helps people list their homes and to connect with potential house swapping partners. There is usually a fee between 150 and 250 USD.

    Swapping can be done in two different ways. A two-way swap is where you exchange houses both at the same time and a one-way swap where you move into an empty apartment and leave your old apartment empty for someone else to swap into as needed. The bank will collect points for you when another person moves into your empty home. You'll then be able to use your collected points to move into another available vacant home whenever you see fit. The bank also offers for you to borrow points so that you can move into a new home even if you haven't collected enough points yet, which you can pay back at a later time.
  4. How do I list my home on the house swapping website?
  5. Many people worry that their home is not luxurious enough to list one a house swapping website. The truth, however, is that no one will judge you for what your place looks like. The users of house swapping websites are simply looking for a change of scene, a relaxing getaway or a cheap place to stay in the area. When you list your home on the house swapping website simply write about how you view your home. Maybe the scenery is beautiful, or you have a great hiking trail nearby? List the number of people that can stay at your house and share photos even use apartment Video Tours that are taking in the daylight.
  6. Talk to the people that reach out to you.
  7. Never allow a stranger to stay at your place without talking to them first and getting to know them. Talk over video chat and be honest about the less flattering features of your home and do not be afraid to ask them anything you would like to know. You can ask for a video of their house or ask them to walk around with the laptop to make sure everything is the way they say it is. One can never be too careful.
  8. Always inform your neighbors.
  9. If you decide to do a house swap, don't forget to inform your neighbors. Also, you could tell them to keep an eye on the place every once in a while for some extra security.
  10. Write up a list.
  11. Compiling a list of your homes and relevant areas recommended when swapping homes frequently. Welcome details to add to your home information can include security details, personal recommendations or local highlights.
  12. Be smart with your valuable.
  13. If you would like some extra security to make sure to move or lock up any valuables you have in the most secure spot you can think of. You can consult professionals at Point BreEZe Real EsTAte, if you are interesting in learning more about House swapping.
  14. House Swapping - A Quick Guide