You Might Also Enjoy: Five Weird Intimacies


  1. Jack Smith's FLAMING CREATURES (1963)
  2. I started by thinking I've never seen Jack Smith's infamous movie FLAMING CREATURES so I watched it. Be warned: should you click play, there is nudity and grainy but explicit sexual content.
  3. Jack Smith - Flaming Creatures
  4. I'm always interested in the transition of ideas, the algorithm of influence. I like how a meme travels from one frame of thought to another like a paper airplane caught in the breeze.
  5. I also like how the suggestions and "you might also enjoy" lists on websites like YouTube and Spotify lead you to new thoughts.
  6. One is tempted to believe that these pathways of thought define us, establish us at spots on the timeline of our experience, a web that is "us".
  7. Sometimes these trails lead you to places of discomfort. For instance, there was a time in college I read a lot of Jean Genet, along with Burroughs and de Sade and other transgressive literature. I grew out of it, feeling that it was more about spectacle than the internalized art I really enjoy. Now, this movie was at once boring, hypnotizing and disquieting.
  8. Jean Genet's UN CHANT D'AMOUR (1950)
  9. Again, there is nudity and strong sexual content. French guys in prison doing what Jean Genet liked to think about French guys in prison doing. The bit where they blow smoke at each other through the walls is cool.
  10. Jean Genet---Un Chant d'Amour (full movie)
  11. Then it led me to this well worn footage of John and Yoko, sharing the most public of their intimacies - their "Bed-In" to end the war in Vietnam, a far cry from men blowing smoke at each other through holes in prison walls, but maybe not. How free were John and Yoko then, even from their public selves?
  13. Jonas Mekas: Bed-In John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  14. It was suggested by YouTube's influence matrix that I'd enjoy nine minuets of searing, depressing, lo-fi metal. Which, in fact, I generally do, but this seems to be a curious leap from John and Yoko giving peace a chance. This is the tossing of that peace tambourine down a well of darkness along with everything else.
  15. Xasthur, "Prison of Mirrors" (audio only)
  16. Xasthur - Prison Of Mirrors
  17. This was a more logical jump and perhaps a conclusion-maker, and examination of people who draw the line between the intimate and the spectacular with great care, so much so that they make up monster names for themselves and then start a band featuring their monster personas, all still with just one person at the core. It's an unexplored fringe of the personal, the place where the private and public self are separated by a membrane maintained by the understood permeability of the membrane.
  19. One Man Metal - Part 1 - Black Metal's Unexplored Fringes