This is the Music of 12/31/2013 - 1/4/2012


  1. Music from Beck's Song Reader
    Music from Beck's Song Reader
  2. We are working up Beck's Song Reader in guitar class so that has weighed heavily in my listening. Here are more thoughts on that thinking about it and how every song is another song.
  3. Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana "The LOLs"
  4. Monday 12/31/2012 (last year)

  5. Wire member Bruce Gilbert's is the music by which one justifies a beheadphoned shudder and smirk of certainty from the comfy chair at the coffee shop, glancing over one's shoulder at the raging void just outside the window and the simps lolling about at the void's edge with their superfluous scarves knotted up around their necks and steaming lattes, which also makes one think, "I should get a another latte before the line gets too long." and also "Nice scarf." and  "Would I look right in a scarf?"

  6. Bruce Gilbert - Work For "Do You Me? I Did" (Parts 1-3)
  7. I don't know if Ralph Stanley's version of "White Light/White Heat" is charming. cringeworthy, or poignant.
  8. White Light / White Heat - Ralph Stanley
  9. The first of many songs I listened to this week that were essentially Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game".
  10. Pipilotti Rist- Sip My Ocean (1996)
  11. Tuesday 1/1/2013 (A year later. The "See you next year!" joke never gets old.)

  12. My Morning Jacket - The Way That He Sings
  13. Spot the differences.
  14. Christopher Cross - Never Be The Same
  15. Blood Oranges' is the music by which one bravely and astutely tries out a new wireless service or detergent.
  16. Blood Oranges - The French Word For Love
  17. I think it was the Court and Spark that pitched one of the hissiest fits I've ever seen directed toward a local sound man. Gee, your vintage gear doesn't sound pristine in a room that is basically a concrete bunker? Weird. It was at least the hissiest since Alex Chilton around 1988. I still like the band's records, but that fit still clouds my listening. I blame them for the failed good luck New Year casserole that was attempted while they played.
  18. Good band, though.
  19. We Were All Uptown Rulers - The Court & Spark HD
  20. Wednesday 1/2/2013
  21. This is the second song that sounded like "Wicked Game."