The Music of 6/23/2013 - 6/28/2013


  1. (1) Charlie Parker - CARVIN' THE BIRD and about three other Charlie Parker collections while I took a nap yesterday.
  2. A friend mentioned he was trying to get into jazz and was looking for recommendations. The CHarlie Parker catalog is a prime example of why it is so hard to get into jazz. There is so much of it, and then it is all re-released and compiled and it's all "classic" and in the shear volume of it, indistinguishable. Here is the first Charlie Parker video that came up; just start there, I guess.
  3. Charlie Parker at Storyville - Charlie Parker [FULL ALBUM] [HQ]
  4. I was trying to be smug, but actually, that is a good place to start...
  5. (2) Suicide - HALF ALIVE
  6. What a terrible cover image to such a great album. Alan Vega is a pretty stunning, confrontational visual artist; why do all the Suicide albums have such terrible cover art?

  7. They could throw down a great cover version, though.
  8. Suicide - Sister Ray Says
  9. Sisters of Mercy, not so much. I think this is their cover of Suicide's cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray" and the way that it loses all the charm of the original is almost its own noble end.
  10. The Sisters of Mercy Exit Club Chicago 1984 11.Sister Ray
  11. Here's the original if you've never had the pleasure.  Likely the best use of the term "ding dong" in popular song.
  12. The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (MONO, Best Sound)
  13. (3) Brainiac - BONSAI SUPERSTAR
  14. Brainiac-Hot Metal Dobermans-ChapelHill
  15. (4) Trans Am - THING