Sunday Music Special - Swishy, guitar-based, meditative overload


  1. (1) Peter Stark - MUSHROOM COUNTRY
  2. I love when a wrong turn takes you to a right place. I was searching for the album A RAGA FOR PETER WALKER but I couldn't remember the WALKER and this unabashedly 70's number emerged from the blossoming lotus of chance.
  3. Peter Stark - Mushroom Country - Bumble Bee
  4. The general consensus among collectors is that the cover art's phallic mushroom is more important than the hermetic folk and ragas that Peter Stark and his brother Ben rolled out in the grooves, but I disagree. Dig "Raga for Bayleaf" if you are on the Spotify. 
  5. I did eventually remember Peter Walker's name.
  6. (2) Peter Walker - LONG LOST TAPES 1970 and a couple other of his albums.
  7. I got into guitar playing with the far-off goal of being a finger-picking Kundalini engine like John Fahey or Robbie Basho or Peter Walker and now I am ecstatic to be able to beat out the occasional I - IV - V and that far-off one is the self the Buddha wants us to kill on the road.
  8. Peter Walker - Missing You
  9. His album RAINY DAY RAGA is like chewing on the leather from that snake coiled around the base of the tree of life.
  10. Peter Walker - White Wind
  11. (3) Jerusalem in my Heart - MO7IT AL-MO7IT (Ocean of the Ocean)
  12. An intense slice of Crypto-Arabaica. A friend of mine once did a painting called "A Feather Floating on the Breath of God" and I thought of that while listening to this.
  13. JIMH Live on CKUT 90.3fm Montreal Sessions
  14. Not necessarily out of any particular mystic revelation to come from either, but from the mystery of synapses and how the sparks jump across them.
  15. (4) Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - MY GOAL"S BEYOND
  16. While on the subject of anachronistic, guitar-based, swishy, meditative overload, I love this record. I first heard it after spying a couple of JMcL albums poking out of a garbage can near my first solo apartment. It was like the Buddha killed his record collection and put it on the street. For me.
  17. John McLaughlin - Peace One
  18. (5) Marquis de Tren & Bonny Billy - GET ON JOLLY
  19. Perhaps the most precious, precocious, pretentious and pensive release in the Will Oldham catalog - which is saying something - and I love every self-conscious backward tape guitar lick of it.