1. (1) The Clash - SANDINISTA!
  2. I never have really glommed onto this sprawling record, but I'm nigh obsessed with "The Magnificent Seven." Here they are kicking it out on the Tom Snyder Show.
  3. The Clash - Magnificent Seven - Tom Synder Show 1981
  4. I'm even trying to get the bass line down so I can bring it to the BR Adult Music Club. White boy funk, HIYAHHHHHH!
  5. (2) Nico Muhly - DRONES
  6. Part III (The 8th Tune)
  7. Also worth noting, the sneak track off DRONES violinist Nadia Sirota's forthcoming album BAROQUE is pretty stunning. From the Bedroom Community Bandcamp site.
  8. (3) Giant Drag - WAKING UP IS HARD TO DO (Deluxe Edition)
  9. Giant Drag: "Mess If My Face" (Live Groupee Session)
  10. (4) Julian Lynch - LINES
  11. (5) Songs: Ohia - GHOST TROPIC and a number of Jason Molina's albums.
  12. R.I.P. Jason Molina
  13. Songs Ohia - Captain Badass
  14. Don't fade on me - Magnolia Electric Co.