1. I was having too much fun to write everything down. Here is a rough top ten for the last two weeks.
  2. (1) The Relatives - THE ELECTRIC WORLD - A thirty-year defunct psychedelic gospel-soul group from Dallas reforms in the crucible of the Great Twenty-First Century Rediscovery and Decompartmentalization of Classic Soul. I like to think a band this mighty can shake loose any hipster cling, any chains of time and style and just simply invite you into the church upon which the finest rock is bult. Kindly streamed from the good folks at Yep Roc and Texas Monthly.

  3. (2) Otis Taylor - MY WORLD IS GONE - Otis Taylor plays folk. He plays funk, blues, soul, jazz, maybe even world music. What he plays might even qualify as being called avant-garde if you wanted to bar people form listening to it, but you wouldn't do that. Otis Taylor moves in a slow, low orbit around us mortals, beaming down a cryptic message we need to hear.
  4. Otis Taylor - Huckleberry Blues
  5. (3) Harmonia - LIVE 1974 - My heart is a loop of plastic Matchbox racetrack strips (remember those?) impossibly coiled into stunt tracks strung all over the bunk beds and comic books of the me of 1974 and, had I been a hipper grade schooler, Krautrock would've soundtracked the perpetual Daytona 500 roaring within me. As it does now.
  6. Harmonia - Live 1974 - Veteranissimo
  7. (4) Donald Byrd - STREET LADY - RIP Donald Byrd, fusion physicist number one, Prometheus of God's jazz to the people's hungry groove.
  8. Donald Byrd - Witch Hunt (Street Lady 1973)
  9. (5) Burnt Sugar - BLACK SEX Y'ALL LIBERATION & BLOODY RANDOM VIOLETS - Not enough people in the world could be into the deep weird groove of Greg Tate's Burnt Sugar collective to wear it out. They can mine more gold out of one tired vein than can a whole tradition. 
  11. Burnt Sugar's spiritual beacon, composer Butch Morris passed away on Jan 29. He is worth looking into by the curious and the spurious. 
  12. Butch Morris Conduction #188
  13. (6) Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II - I don't know what to make of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and I think that's what I find compelling about them. On one front, they are yet another shamble rock gaggle borrowing the same burnt amps from the last and then they tap on a wire I didn't know what strung to me and it goes mmmmmmmmm...
  14. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Monki (HQ)
  15. (7) Dio - "Rainbow in the Dark" (Vocals only) - These kinds of things are flat jokes to me usually, but when Dio cries, "I CRY OUT FOR MAGIC" and those keyboards cross the sky like that meteorite did over Russia this morning, I'm again convinced that "Rainbow in the Dark" might be one of Rock's Greatest Songs.
  16. Dio - Rainbow in the Dark VOCALS ONLY