The Music of 2/16/2013 - 2/22/2013


  1. (1) Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - PUSH THE SKY AWAY
  2. This is the most striking record I've heard this year. It is Sinatroid, infused with snuffed candle smoke, purposely oblique in its poetry, giving off the narrative aura the red leather upholstery might in the back corner booth of a bar. I tend to prefer Cave's rocker side to his balladry, but this might turn me around on that. 
  3. "Jubilee Street" certainly does. It is a great song throughout, but that little tempo change occurring when it is revealed "she had a little black book" is breathtaking. It makes me feel for the knife I forgot to bring with me.
  4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Jubilee Street" (Official Uncensored Music Video)
  5. The student journalists I work with at The Daily Reveille felt differently, but thank God. They aren't supposed to think like me. Unlike Allmusic, and me,  the campus newspaper didn't puss out and airbrush that woman's shameful glory when talking about it.
  6. (2) Jamie Lidell - JAMIE LIDELL
  7. Damn, his records are fun. 
  8. Jamie Lidell - Big Love
  9. (3) Fennesz - BLACK SEA
  10. There is nothing new about this fuzzed-out, minimalist, meta-guitar dispatch from 2008 in the same way there is nothing new about the sea, and especially in the way that the sea thinks there is nothing new ashore.
  11. (4-5) Lloyd Cole & Hans-Joachim Roedelius - SELECTED STUDIES VOL. 1 and Lloyd Cole - PLASTIC WOOD
  12. Lloyd Cole is one of my generation's greatest songwriters. Bask in the cocaine panorama of "My Bag."
  13. LLOYD COLE & The COMMOTIONS - 'My Bag' - 7" 1985
  14. And Roedelius is one of the titans of synth music and Krautrock.
  15. Roedelius - Regenmacher / Audio (1978)
  16. So who knew that the two could meet on such common ground? I keep wanting to hear Cole's gulped confessions on these songs but then I get swept away by a Tron bike lasering down an infinite plane of synthesis, and I don't need anything. Here is a Cole Krautrock moment from his stellar 2001 instrumental album PLASTIC WOOD, followed by a preview of Cole and Roedelius' forthcoming collaboration.
  17. Lloyd Cole - Headlights