1. Monday 1/7/2013 - Glue sniffin', syllabus plannin' rock 'n' roll.

  2. THE GODZ soon the moon 1967
  3. I love when a weird band does a great straight song, like the Godz' "Ruby Red".
  4. The Godz "Ruby Red"
  5. "After the Beatlesthe Action were the most impressive band signed to EMI by George Martin during the mid-'60s."

    Bruce Eder was talking about a different band called the Action, but this is what Spotify put up for this late '70s Ottawa punk band's biography. I like thinking Sir George Martin was really into them regradless.
  6. Do The Strangle -- The Action
  7. Heavy Times - Future City - Mortville - 10/29/11
  8. Damn this band is good.
  9. Heavy Times - "Polar Moon" @ Memorial Union Terrace, Madison, 6/8/12
  10. Similarly damn good, the OBN IIIs.
  11. OBN III's - If This Shit Fits
  12. Tuesday 1/8/2013 - That syllabus is not planning itself.

  13. I haven't really glommed onto anything Bowie has done in the last decade but this song is sad and contemplative and distant, which is his strength. Oursler's projection sculptures are creepy as always, smearing the digital/physical line.
  14. David Bowie: Where Are We Now?
  15. I'm not one to say this kind of thing usually, but this BMW commercial is really great. I watched it twice. Music by film composer Abel Korzeniowski.

  16. BMW i. Born Electric.
  17. Here is an interview with the composer.
  18. BMW i Trailer Music - Making Of
  19. Maya, 11, is way into this song by Temposhark, though she warned me before playing it that there was a sexual act described at one point. I told her I thought we could both handle it. 
  20. Don't Mess With Me (song by Temposhark)