1. GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY, HOLLYWOOD, & THE PRISON OF BELIEF by Lawrence Wight (audio book read by Morton Sellers)
  2. This is the best kind of audio book, a litany of throbbing details about a gargantuan figure, illuminating what makes them cast their shadow on history but also makes them human. We are in the part where L. Ron Hubbard is dabbling in black magick with Jack Parsons (founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories and modern rocketry as well as Hollywood Crowleyism) and it is delicious. 
  3. The reader of the audiobook plainly intones the tapes of self-hypnosis affirmations Hubbard plays to himself in his sleep, things like how women will be astounded by his sexual prowess and how he will not be compelled to tell stories about the Navy. 
  4. We have been making our own affirmations all morning. "You will order regular fries and the McDonald's lady will be willed by the Guardian to give you super-size." and "You will be circled by bees flying in an infinity shape, but will be never stung." We make our own fun. 
  5. Hubbard's list of service-related reasons he gives the VA for needing an increase on his benefits is also great. He was near-blinded by too much exposure to island sun and suffered a bone infection brought on by a sudden transfer from the east coast out to California. I love a mad tyrant.
  6. GOD JR. by Dennis Cooper
  7. This is the first Dennis Cooper book I've read since his luminous and uncomfortable series of teen sex novels from the late 1990s (CLOSER, TRY, FRISK, etc.). This one is about a disabled (but not) dad creating a monument for his dead son based on drawing the song left behind (maybe) and death is perhaps the cleanest way that how everything falls apart.
  8. It's a lot of fun. It's filled with great repeatable lines like:
  9. Mr. Cooper is one of the last great lyrical bloggers as well. It will be him and John Darinelle scrawling their musings on the rusted carcass of humankind.
  10. BEAUTIFUL RUINS by Jess Walter
  11. BEAUTIFUL RUINS is sitting there on my phone, great and aloof like the woman described in its pages and I am the goofy beach dreamer, also described in the book, failing to consummate his love for the book. Will they finally get together? Hard to say if I never get back into reading it before the library snatches the words back from me. It's funny how something as out-of-time as a library still manages to underscore our unavoidable temporality. Good book, from what I read of it.
  12. PENNY CENTURY by Jaime Hernandez
  13. The Smiths have a line, "if you have five seconds to spare, then I'll tell you the story of my life" which is how I feel about graphic novels. They can get a lot across in no time. This thing is kinda huge and yet I gan probably blaze through it in less time than it took me to not really watch those two episodes of STAR TREK: VOYAGER dialed off of Netflix as I fended off sleep like an idiot. 
  14. Everybody on Voyager is a passive-agressive pain and everyone here is a hot, Mexican, female wrestler. It should be a no-brainer. PENNY CENTURY should body-slam VOYAGER before the first bell, but TV is so easy. Even easier than comic books. Good thing I don't have a holodeck, or I'd never even get television watched or the experience blogged in my own fading capacity for cyber-lyrically.