1. The world has Denis Johnson fever! Throw that superfluous second n into the street and rejoice in Denis' bum-out radiance!
  2. Boom!
  3. I am not alone in this obsession.
  4. I had just checked ALREADY DEAD out from the library but 20 minutes before reading the previous tweet. The world had Denis Johnson fever, I tell ya!
  5. This incident involved a book.
  6. I grew up just downriver from Nauvoo, Ill. where the Mormons really first got cooking. My favorite things there were this blacksmith shop where they'd make you a ring from a horseshoe nail and this big sunstone monument in one of the parks we always stopped at.
  7. This thing haunted my dreams.
  8. Nauvoo Sunstone Close Up
    Nauvoo Sunstone Close Up
  9. Speaking of haunting, I read HOUSE OF LEAVES a couple of years back and I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about those creepy rooms that just keep growing and growing. 
  10. Yet, I just cannot get into anything else Mark Z. Danielewski has done. And I've tried. I want to be haunted by a book like I am by HOUSE OF LEAVES.
  11. This was the only part of THE FIFTY YEAR SWORD I understood.
  12. How long before someone writes a "book" just using Vine? Or Storify, for that matter? 
  13. I have been grading so many papers lately that I keep wanting to put this in the margins when I look at the cover.
  14. Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.25.59 PM
    Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.25.59 PM
  15. I also worked on my own book. This is going in it.