1. Still from PARIS, TEXAS
    Still from PARIS, TEXAS
  2. I watched ALICE IN THE CITIES.
  3. Alice in den Städten / Alice In The Cities (CC English)
  4. ALICE IN THE CITIES is tender, odd, a little gut wrenching as you see the clockwork of fate operate, and like all his films, gorgeously shot. A beautiful film.
  5. Everyone in the film was beguiling, but the thing I dreamed about afterward was the Schewebebahn (floating tram) in Wuppental. 
  6. Schwebebahn Ride from Wuppertal Hauptbahnhof to Vohwinkel, Germany - 20th November, 2012
  7. I love trams. The Wuppental Schwebebahn might even be cooler than the Roosevelt Island Sky Tram in NYC.
  8. Round Trip on the Roosevelt Island Tramway
  9. ALICE IN THE CITIES is the first part of his "Road Trilogy" and I might have watched part 2, THE WRONG MOVE, had it been on YouTube. Instead I started watching PARIS, TEXAS, which reflects these road movies from the mid-seventies.
  10. Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders 1984 full movie)
  11. Which I found to be staggeringly dated. PARIS, TEXAS felt as 1984 as a THREE'S COMPANY rerun.
  12. I got into Wenders' work the way I suspect many did: WINGS OF DESIRE.
  13. " wings of desire " - official trailer - 1987.
  14. I'm glad it wasn't immediately available to me because I don't want my feelings for this film to be dispelled by seeing how dated it is. The NIck Cave scene only sorta holds up.
  15. Nick Cave Concert Scene - Wings Of Desire (1987)
  16. Crime and the City Solution bears the age a little better. All concerts in the mid-'80s were exactly like this, by the way. Twang and swooning. LOTS of gesticulation.
  17. Simon Bonney - Crime and the City Solution - Wings of desire - Wim Wenders - SD
  18. One of my favorite films of his is his second film from 1972, a dreary number appropriately titled THE GOALIE'S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK.
  19. The G0@lie's @nxiety at the P&n@lty Kick (1972, English subs)
  20. GOALIE is one of the great pretentious films. An unbearable nothing happens as the hapless goalkeeper goes about his habit of not keeping to goals. Life and death are nearly as meaningless as the concept of choice. Fun movie!
  21. Wenders' first film, SUMMER IN THE CITY, dedicated to the Kinks, remains unreleased due to music rights issues. C'mon, Kinks. Ease up.
  22. The Kinks - Too Much On My Mind (excerpt from Summer In The City)
  23. The beauty of ALICE and the spinal cord in all his films is his love of the long stretch of road, the swooping architecture of a gas station, the wall-mounted menus of a Waffle House. He loves how boring the United States is.
  24. In ALICE, the U.S. is one windshield full of desert after another and then suddenly Europe is quizzical. U.S. is cars and Europe is floating trams and ferries and trains and buses. Just as aimless, perhaps more so, but rife with novelty.
  25. It is that lack of novelty that gives the U.S. of Wim Wenders its existential edge, its static buzz.