Experienced With PhenQ Supplement

After much deliberation I decided late last year for this product that seems to be on everyone's lips lately, to take a chance.


  1. For years now I have been loss 10 kg too much around with me, I simply due to my profession (I am self-employed, so I'm 12 hours in the office often and therefore no time to exercise have) not get rid of.
  2. Before I decided Buy PhenQ product, I informed myself of course detail Online since there especially at the present time, unfortunately, quite a lot of rip-offs are investing it on"Desperate" as we exploit. What appealed to me personally in this product, which is expected in several areas to work simultaneously, on the contrary to many other weight loss products which tend to focus only on one area. PhenQ inter alia to burn stored fat calories to suppress appetite to block the fat production and improve the mood and Energy level. Furthermore,all ingredients are completely natural which was particularly important for me because I do not in me "pure toss" any chemical would.
  3. For me personally, the suppression of appetite and the burning of stored fat were the main characteristics. Especially with stress in the office I had often cravings which of course has a negative effect on my weight.
  4. Another positive feature of the product was to increase the energy levels and state of mind indeed to suffer what usually has when one is dissatisfied with his body and trying to lose weight.
  5. After reading several reviews of this product, I decided then ultimately for an order PhenQ abandon. The site has a very professional and all questions are answered and even scientific studies on the product can be found on the page. Next to a lot of good that me the customer service via Live Chat yet more questions about the product answered - Super customer service. I then opted for the large package (5 month supply) because I was sure that it would be particularly not just during the Christmas days to lose weight. Generally it is said that one takes on average about 5kg per month, that is a 3 month package (2 Buy 1 Free for 129.95 EUR) would be an option for me.That said, due to the Christmas holidays and the Free Cleanse tea which is obtained to the purchase of the large package.