Why Companies Need to Require Pre-Employment Screening for Every Potential Hire

Many employers now find they must deal with a variety of unpleasant situations on a daily basis, such as harassment and emotional abuse.


  1. Companies cannot be too careful when it comes to choosing their employees. However, many businesses opt to skip pre-employment screening in an effort to save money. Doing so can be a mistake. Hire private investigations services to handle this task and obtain essential information about a potential employee. Doing so can save the company money in the long run. Following are some benefits associated with pre-employment screening.

    Enhanced Safety

    Sadly, workplace violence remains an issue in America, and innocent bystanders are often caught in the middle of an incident. With a pre-employment screening, employers can determine which candidates may pose a threat in the workplace. Although this screening cannot prevent all incidents of this type, it can help to reduce them, as the screening shows behavioral habits of a person that could be of concern in the future.

    Many employers now find they must deal with a variety of unpleasant situations on a daily basis, such as harassment and emotional abuse. The screening process helps to determine which individuals are more likely to engage in this type of behavior before they are employed.

    Better Employees

    Companies making use of pre-employment screening find they tend to hire better employees. These workers produce more at a higher level of quality and employee turnover decreases. One reason for this is candidates know they must be honest on their application, as the information will be verified by a third-party. In addition, some candidates, upon finding out they must undergo this screening, simply choose not to apply. They don't want negative information from their past to be shared with the employer. The money spent on this private investigation is recouped in a very short period of time, thus it is an option every business should consider.

    Improved Compliance with Regulations

    Certain industries must comply with state and federal regulations. A violation of one or more regulations can be costly. With the help of pre-employment screening, the risk of non-compliance decreases. Investigators work to ensure the requirements are met at both the state and federal levels and for the position to be staffed. As a result, companies requiring this type of private investigation find they minimize their risk of ongoing legal issues and hefty fines.

    Before hiring an employee, contact JCI ( https://johncutterinvestigations.com/ ) to have a pre-employment screening carried out. Doing so benefits the company in those ways mentioned above and numerous others. The money spent is well worth it in the long run, as any risks to the company have been reduced by taking this simple step.