Helping a Smaller Company Work Through the Transition to the Digital Marketplace

For many businesses today, strong, effective Internet Marketing is the only way of keeping an even keel.


  1. For many businesses today, strong, effective Internet Marketing is the only way of keeping an even keel. As customers and the decision makers in other businesses have increasingly abandoned traditional channels, newer ones like tasks and consulting and other digital outlets have taken on a new importance.

    That reality is not always easy to account for, however. Many companies, especially on the smaller end of the scale, have found it difficult to keep up, being unable to replace their previous marketing relationships with equally productive new ones. In many cases, the problem boils down to a financial one. Some small and medium companies have reported, for example, that the kinds of recurring fees that many digital marketing agencies insist upon leave them feeling bound and conflicted.

    Fortunately, there are other players who are trying to address this problem head-on. Companies like My Sales Butler have identified how difficult this important transition can be for some businesses, and they are taking proactive steps to ease the way.

    For example, some companies like My Sales Butler now offer up marketing services on an individualized basis. Instead of trying to lock their clients into contracts that might not turn out to suit them well, they are doing business in a much more flexible way.

    That means that a company with formerly strong search engine optimization that has experienced something of a fall off, for example, could easily arrange for a quick, inexpensive tune-up. As search engine algorithms slowly change, after all, even a well-optimized site is likely to drift out of the ideal range. Instead of committing to an expensive, overly restrictive contract, a company in this situation might benefit from just a bit of focused work.

    While options of that kind can be beneficial to any business, they are often particularly so for smaller ones. With relatively little in the way of capital and market presence, these smaller companies often have to make the most of very limited resources. Working with partners that recognize this fact and accommodate it can therefore make a big difference.

    Best of all, it allows these smaller operations to find their way into the wealth of opportunities that now awaits them. Although the transition to the digital age has been tough on some smaller companies, particular those of the most traditional, conservative sort, the reality is that most who work through it come away more than just pleased. In fact, some of those formerly small companies now dominate their markets in ways that would previously have been hard to imagine.