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Pokemon Conquest English ROM Download (USA) NDSi

Pokemon Conquest is a unique blend of turn based strategy and the Pokemon universe, one of the few spinoff Pokemon games that does not take place in the true Pokemon story, but placed in a separate fictional world that happens to feature Pokemon in it!


  1. Pokemon Conquest English ROM Download (U) DSi

  2. Pokemon Conquest takes place in the land of Ransei, which has nothing to do with previous Pokemon games. In this realm soldiers can talk to Pokemon. There is a legend in Ransei in-which people believe that if one man could conquer all 17 kingdoms of Ransei then the great legendary Pokemon which created the lands will wake up. There are many warlords fighting to conquer all kingdoms, so it's up to you the player to beat them to it, and save the world from this power falling into the wrong hands.

    I was really blown away by how great this fictional world really was, it feels like its very own unique setting that is really well thought out. The setting of Pokemon Conquest greatly reflects a real life futile Japan influence, and even makes subtle references to real Japan historical figures. You will be surprised by how in-depth this game world really is once you start playing the game.

    The battling in the game is really deep, which you would not really think of when thinking of Japanese strategy games. Not much different from the original Pokemon games, in this game you have to considered who you bring into combat, and to plan 2 steps ahead of your enemy, but also in this game's combat there is a sense of location, you soldiers and Pokemon can be on one of many locations on the field of combat, so you have to take that into consideration. What avid Pokemon fans will enjoy is finding that the usual Pokemon strategies of weakness and advantages are all here in the combat just like in the other games, so you will find that certain types of Pokemon have advantages on others just like before. There are also obstacles on every battle stage, which will vary depending on what region you are battling in.

    Naturally with this being a Pokemon game there are many Pokemon to catch and train, 200 to be exact. But also there is another 200 soldiers that you can gain to your faction. Pokemon can be trained in this game though it's a bit more complex than just battling a lot, you really have to go out of your way to maximize your Pokemon's powers. Each Pokemon has a type of soldier that it best fits with to get the most out of it, and only once training enough can a Pokemon evolve.

    Aside from gameplay the visuals are amazing in this game, the game has a hand style drawn look that feels like an anime. The narrative is perfectly executed, and the translating was done great. Plus this game is of epic length, to fully complete this game you will spend an easy 100 hours or more, this game has tons of content.

    I know that the idea of a Pokemon spinoff game does not sound the great at first, but Pokemon Conquest is fantastic. It really stands on its own regardless of having its connection to the established Pokemon franchise, definitely give this epic game a go.

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