Indie Games: Super Meat Boy

A look at the addicting independent platform game Super Meat Boy.


  1. As a web developer, I find it fascinating that with a decent understanding of the right programming language and adequacy with the right tools, anyone can build an application that could potentially be used and valued by millions (if not hundreds of millions).

  2. I share that same fascination with the indie gaming community.  The individuals and small teams that make these games put an immense amount of work in to creating unique and immersive games that are true expression of themselves.
  3. The first game I'll be showing in this series is Super Meat Boy

  4. Super Meat Boy is the successor to Team Meat's (@supermeatboy) original flash game Meat Boy.  Both games feature the same arcade-style platform experience and both are extremely addictive.

  5. Super Meat Boy Teaser Trailer
  6. Playing as an energetic piece of meat (literally) aptly named Meat Boy, your only goal on every level is to get to bandage girl in a continuously disappointing effort to save her.

  7. Although it may seem like a simple task, what makes this game great is that it gets increasingly more difficult to the point where even the most seasoned gamer will spend hours trying to beat some of the harder levels.

  8. Let's Play (Bonus) - Super Meat Boy - The Hardest Level Ever Made
  9. During development and since the release of the game in October 2010, Team Meat has been actively engaging their audience through Twitter and Facebook and in return have been bombarded with fan-made stuff:

  10. Super Meat Boy fan art

  11. Super Meat Boy in "The Kid"
    Super Meat Boy in "The Kid"
  12. Super Meat Boy fan-made videos

  13. Cupquake Paints Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl
  14. Super Meat Boy fan-made (cup)cakes

  15. Super Meat Boy Cupcake
    Super Meat Boy Cupcake