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Making the web tell a story. Sorting through the noise to find the voices online that matter. Co-founded by @burtherman and @xdamman

The Media Consortium

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Jeremy Aaron Long

pastor j - jlo I'm a busy, busy bee, so try and keep up ok? currently very nomadic

Diversão Terra

As últimas notícias das celebridades e do entretenimento no mundo http://diversao.terra.com.br/ Curta o Terra no Facebook:


Karl Dotter

Product Designer & Cartoonist.

Jason Hreha

"My favorite three words in the English language are: 'I don't know', because every time I say them, I learn something new." -Timothy Leary

Jeff Elder

Social media journalist. Social lead at SFGate, online arm of The San Francisco Chronicle. Former marketing director at Storify. Former syndicated newspaper columnist. Studied social media at Stanford. Led social for Fortune 50. Met Johnny Cash.

Marshall Kirkpatrick

CEO of Plexus Engine

Xavier Damman

Passionate web entrepreneur/developer with values and ideals. Cofounder/CEO of Storify.