1. Welcome back to #mochat everyone! Been a while. Tonight we’re talking mograph communities. What’s out there… experiences… what’s missing…
  2. If you’re new to the chat, you can learn more at  http://mochat.xyz/about  But the most important thing is to include #mochat in your tweets.
  3. @conigs I know lots of people are excited for this: the return of #mochat
  4. { mograph } Here. We. Go. Great to have you back #mochat — so, communities? Wish there were more regular physical meet & greets!
  5. @Oddernod I'm looking into a new city, and a google of mograph meetups showed nothing! I was shocked #mochat
  6. @Oddernod Same. But Minneapolis is moving on up now that @nice_moves is kicking us into face time with each other. #mochat
  7. Welcome back #mochat I'm loving the twitter and slack communities. Love to be more involved in local but child + work = no evenings
  8. @jasonpoley Glad to see you here! The Slack community is still (relatively) new. How've you liked it? #mochat
  9. @conigs There are the occasionally meetups via dribbble but too infrequent, But fun to attend. Hoping to go to more conferences #mochat
  10. For anyone that doesn't know, there's a great Slack community that sprung up last year. Check it out at  http://hashtagmotiondesign.com  #mochat
  11. @conigs @jasonpoley The slack has been one of the best resources I've ever seen. Like  http://mograph.net  but more personal #mochat
  12. @conigs Just always someone is willing to help, bitch or console. Love offering advice too. #mochat
  13. @pikero24 @jasonpoley And I'm biased… but I do like that the history trails off. #mochat
  14. @conigs @jasonpoley It used to bother me, but since learning that you can star slack messages to save the golden bits, Delete away. #mochat
  15. @conigs #Mokart & #SplatoonSwedensday make slack a fun place to hang out with others and distress from work #mochat
  16. @pikero24 @jasonpoley Losing the golden advice is a bit hard, but it's nice that rants can just "vanish" into the ether. #mochat
  17. @_five31 Helps people feel a bit more at ease about posting… knowing that it's going to trail off into nothingness. #mochat
  18. the slack is like a busy bar: of course you'll miss something if you don't go every night. but it's there when you need a beer. #mochat
  19. @conigs @pikero24 I copy the gold advice and tips into evernote for future ref #mochat
  20. @conigs @jasonpoley It's also nice that people are willing to help at an instant's notice and give the advice over and over again #mochat
  21. @conigs Honestly the #mograph community as a whole is a damn awesome bunch of people. Helpful and kind and funny and awesome #mochat
  22. @pikero24 @jasonpoley And it's gotten some people to write up elsewhere to save their advice. #mochat
  23. To piggyback off this, the last couple of weeks you guys have been so helpful. Saved my butt a bunch #mochat  https://twitter.com/pikero24/status/775863785605238784 
  24. So Slack has stepped in to fill that instant need for chatting… where else are you spending your online mograph time these days? #mochat
  25. @_five31 Everyone I've met in mograph, be it on slack, online, in person etc is kind of person I want to be around. Every single one #mochat
  26. @imjohnflores_ @seeinggreene I haven't really dug into @mixedpartscom yet. It's kind of like a dedicated Reddit, right? #mochat
  27. @pikero24 Even ones who have different views on how to handle something I want to be around because I feel I can learn from them #mochat
  28. @jasonpoley @conigs @pikero24 I do this too. I have pages and pages of tips from #mochat and the slack channel.
  29. @conigs I’ve really been enjoying @cgpov on @GSG3D. He’s a very refreshing take on the traditional GSG videos. #mochat
  30. @conigs @mixedpartscom I’m on it! Really enjoying it… just need to remember to check it more often #mochat
  31. @conigs @mixedpartscom in & loving it — wish there was more discussing & a little less linking to cool stuff, but its valuable! #mochat
  32. @hamax1 Apparently it’s a smaller subreddit-like discussion, Don’t forget to include the #mochat!
  33. Stoked to see @l_a_madre this week, we needed a compliment to @dmala here in LA #mochat
  34. @conigs @mixedpartscom I wouldn't mind the links as much if there was more discussion after they're posted. #mochat
  35. @Oddernod @conigs @mixedpartscom I wonder if that's a side effect of being invite only and still young #mochat
  36. @Oddernod @conigs @mixedpartscom I think that is a problem with social media sometimes, easy to just like something and move on #mochat
  37. @conigs My god Dave LaRonde has solved more questions of mine with that moustache on Creative Cow than he'll ever know. #mochat
  38. @conigs I miss the snarky but goodhearted days of  http://mograph.net  — you earned your stripes but there was always support #mochat
  39. @conigs I still read Creative Cow newsletter most days. I will go to  http://Mograph.net  if it’s late or slack group is quiet #mochat
  40. Ah, I forgot about the @motionographer Patreon supporter Slack. Anyone in there? How is it? #mochat
  41. @Oddernod @conigs ideally we would like a heathy balance between links and discussion... #mochat
  42. Creative Cow comes up in a lot of my search engine results. Does that count? #mochat
  43. @Oddernod @conigs ...and those links be things you dont find in your vimeo feed or on motionographer etc #mochat
  44. @Oddernod for sure! My city recently started mograph meetups and its been much more inspiring #mochat
  45. @Oddernod @seeinggreene @conigs I wish @motionographer wld sponsor MDA slack & kill theirs. It is mostly awkward coughs in there #mochat
  46. #mochat is back! I wanna start off by saying groups irl and url have been an absolute life saver for finding my way in the mograph world
  47. @mrmikeflorio @Oddernod Crushed means things you can improve on. Saying things look cool doesn’t help much #mochat
  48. @pikero24 @mrmikeflorio @Oddernod I love getting crushed. High praise is the worst. Not that I know what that actually feels like... #mochat
  49. There is 1 motion community. #mda the rest have small percentages of the same users #mochat
  50. Absolutely find your local mograph/anim group as soon as you leave college or better yet start one to keep the inspiration going #mochat
  51. @darthcasey "There's one mograph community. They're just found in different places." Very philosophical. #mochat
  52. Looks like the Slack community is slowly trickling in… Hi @aB_Radd & @darthcasey! #mochat
  53. Oh yeah you can pay 5 bucks a month to be part of one. Forgot what it's called but it rhymes with lotionrogerfur #mochat
  54. @seeinggreene @pikero24 @Oddernod objective opinions by some of the elites is and will be some of the best criticism you can get #mochat
  55. The topic of che mograph community being fragmented across different site/platforms has come up before. Anyone opinions? Good? Bad? #mochat
  56. @mrmikeflorio @seeinggreene @Oddernod Lucky enough this community as a whole is so open and willing to help! #mochat
  57. @conigs On one hand it helps conversations be focused and contained, on the other they can be hard to find or get into #mochat
  58. @pikero24 @seeinggreene @Oddernod It's definitely evolved for the better over the years, I love this community #mochat
  59. Honestly before #mda I hadn't ever cast a line into a motion community. It has the best artists in the world on it. I love it. #mochat
  60. @darthcasey MDA continues to teach me everything about mograph and animation that i didnt know i needed #mochat
  61. @conigs I don't think fragmented is the right word. There are bits and pockets to pick and choose. Each with its own vibe. #mochat
  62. I don't think fragmentation is a problem. Variety is the spice of life. However, charging for it is rude and exclusionary. #mochat
  63. @pikero24 @magical_grill @_five31 Don't know what your search history is influencing. I see ice cream meetups! #mochat
  64. @conigs Could be good thing to have outlets for different parts of the day, maybe bad for figuring out where #mochat
  65. @conigs @pikero24 @magical_grill @_five31 If in Denver, you have 2 excellent choices in Ice Cream, with Sweet Cow & Little Man #mochat
  66. Seems a lot of communities are trying to balance being open, but trying to keep things advanced enough for the pros. #mochat
  67. MDA feels like 'take a penny, leave a penny' in terms of advice. the other one sounds more like... 'Give $5, leave cool linx' #mochat
  68. … and trying to avoid the basic beginner conversations. Is that okay? Where do beginners need to go? #mochat
  69. @JackSabbath2D I could be in Denver in Oct so I’ll have to get my hands on that cream #mochat
  70. What’s this all about? I have a question to you sickos... If you weren’t doing motion design what would you be doing? #mochat
  71. Beginners are welcome in MDA. Be humble, willing to ask smart questions, and able to google before you do #mochat
  72. I think we should pitch into a fund to get @darthcasey a patreon subscription with the promise that he comes back with a review? #mochat
  73. ...and don't ask us to solve your current project for you. #mochat
  74. @motionsickpcast Something way more boring but probably with health insurance? Or struggling to make it as a comicbook artist #mochat
  75. @motionsickpcast I’d probably be an editor, but the tertiary #mograph communities stretch far+wide! Color, Editing, Cinematography! #mochat
  76. @motionsickpcast Well I was going to major in Aerospace engineering when i started college, so I could have gone with that #mochat
  77. @aB_Radd Just don't come in guns blazing with a demo reel full of @videocopilot tutorials and attitude ;) #mochat
  78. @Oddernod @aB_Radd Got a few of those for applications. Followed up with one. Response was "I changed the text." #mochat
  79. @conigs There are some good subreddits where beginners can ask questions. #mochat
  80. @zacdixon Heck yeah! I always wanted to be a music supervisor for film and television! #mochat
  81. @conigs I think #mda comm is awesome for beginners. The slack too. I’ve personally grown so much, even just being a fly on the wall #mochat
  82. @_TimIsKing @motionsickpcast hahahah well played (I hope that was a chris do joke or i'll feel like a real dick) #mochat
  83. @pikero24 The side communities have a ton of helpful info too! Cinematography helps lighting and vfx, editing and sound help me too #mochat
  84. @_five31 @conigs the best thing you can do in MDA is sit and listen when other people ask questions #mochat
  85. I think I’d probably be either a homicide detective (still solving problems) or a florist. #mochat
  86. So what's missing from the mograph community? What _haven't_ you been able to find? #mochat
  87. @conigs @Oddernod @aB_Radd ohhhh man ... A+ for having some balls to say that I guess haha #mochat
  88. @aB_Radd I’d argue that having a conversation and being present for other people is almost if not more improtant #mochat
  89. @conigs Honestly most of what I could have asked for is integrated into the MDA slack. It's probably shaping what I'm looking for. #mochat
  90. @conigs I guess maybe some longer-form conversations? Not even sure what I mean by that though. #mochat
  91. I don't know what we're missing really. That's a good topic. #mochat
  92. @Oddernod @aB_Radd oh man, who was Ash’s minion & came in with his dick in his hand? Got pounced  http://mograph.net  style #mochat
  93. @conigs As much as I love motionographer, It might be worth having another "pillar of the community". Multiple opinions #mochat
  94. @conigs call me old fashioned, but these twitters and slacks don't sustain like paper can #mochat
  95. It's only 1500 or so users on MDA right now. And to me it's more important than a email account creatively. #mochat
  96. @seeinggreene Actually, the more I think about it, the more proper post might be good? I should restore the post-tea-exchange. #mochat
  97. Forums have always felt like a really lame way to communicate. Great way to let advice live somewhere, but conversation stagnates #mochat
  98. forums also have the gross habit of letting you think too much about what you're gonna say and how you're gonna phrase it #mochat
  99. @aB_Radd I guess there is a difference between conversation and correspondence? #mochat
  100. Real time interactions with like minded types have always been my preferred communication. Forums always had a rehearsed tone #mochat
  101. @_five31 Oh, man. That might be way cool. I think a couple have tried… but nothing's quite found that groove. #mochat
  102. @darthcasey its definitely a good scene ... it's always fun to pop in between renders and see what you animals are talkin' bout haha #mochat
  103. anyone who wants me to hand-write them a letter about mograph, just post up your home address... #mochat
  104. @conigs @_five31 comments on content become aggressive and jealous with community growth. #mochat not to knock the idea. But history..
  105. A tag team creative endeavor could be cool. Like an open source short film? #mochat
  106. @darthcasey that's basically what that HitRecord thing is... ends up feeling like cheap labor for whoever's taking lead. #mochat
  107. @darthcasey But I like the idea of pulling collabs with ppl from the community #mochat
  108. @pikero24 @darthcasey It was for freelance vs staff motion artists, representing yourself as a cat, stray cats vs house cats #mochat
  109. You know what there was something called pass it on years ago @badmocap took part iirc #mochat
  110. We're in the last few minutes. Any final thoughts on mograph community? #mochat
  111. I can also hand deliver your letter if you're local! #mochat
  112. @conigs Mentioned earlier, but the wider #mograph community’s so open and friendly. Best part about this industry. #mochat
  113. Give as much as you wanna get, in any community, and you'll make it a good one. Also more m4m plz #mochat
  114. @conigs @seeinggreene idea. Hand drawn frame that you send to the next person. Person draws the next frame. Continue #mochat
  115. Final thoughts. Jerry Springer always had the best final thoughts. #mochat
  116. Other final thoughts: remember to turn off twitter email notifcations. jeebus rice. #mochat
  117. Well, that about does it for tonight’s #mochat on mograph community. It’s good to be back!
  118. Join us for next week’s #mochat on Inspiration vs Ripoff. (Should be a good one.)  http://mochat.xyz/schedule 
  119. I always lose followers during #mochat today I gained one.