1. @MotionChat Evening everyone. Welcome to #mochat, now on the actual night of Mochat instead of me thinking it was yesterday
  2. @MotionChat tonight we're mostly talking movie titles. Who's been digging what lately? #mochat
  3. @flabbyironman I’d say the king of title designs right now are the marvel movies, but there are too many classic ones to choose #mochat
  4. @flabbyironman The company I follow is @Sarofsky and of course the classics that inspired me are Pink Panther and James Bond intros #mochat
  5. @flabbyironman @MotionChat More TV lately for me. Silicon Valley, GoT, True Detective come to mind. Just HBO I guess. Hmm. #mochat
  6. @pikero24 @flabbyironman I’ll be honest, the Marvel titles of late have been a bit of a letdown #mochat
  7. @Oddernod @flabbyironman I can agree, but nobody’s doing it like them. That said, I enjoyed the suicide squad type/ motion design #mochat
  8. @seeinggreene TVs been of fire lately with title sequences. Still a big fan of Halt&CatchFire! #mochat
  9. @Oddernod @pikero24 I kind of liked the shadow motif in CW. Liked it better at least than the ultron statue. Can't remember antman #mochat
  10. @seeinggreene yeah. All good. I still have a crush on the halt and catch fire titles. #mochat
  11. @flabbyironman @Oddernod I liked that it was a callback to the winter soldier flat noir design while being different.But not amazing #mochat
  12. @flabbyironman @pikero24 As someone who piled on top of the trend, I think we’re past the slow cam moving around art sculptures #mochat
  13. @flabbyironman @Oddernod @pikero24 Antman had a simple but effective use shrinking through micro level, while having names on slides #mochat
  14. @MikeOverbeck @pikero24 @flabbyironman Cap1 was perfection, technique & style complimented the story that was told #mochat
  15. @flabbyironman @Oddernod Enjoyed it!, but it signals the logical conclusion to the meme. Time to move on. #mochat
  16. What's been the title that's influenced you the most? Mine might be a kind of strange one. high fidelity. Got me into posters. #mochat
  17. @pikero24 @flabbyironman Idea & execution were top notch, but it needed one more storytelling element maybe? #mochat
  18. What are your guys feelings about the reboot of Powerpuff Girls and the direction of its new title? #mochat
  19. @Oddernod Wow I think I'm going to have to watch H&CF now. That sequence is fantastic. I want it to last longer. #mochat
  20. @flabbyironman @pikero24 Excellent use of technique — set tone of comedy+violence. Did everything you could hope for! #mochat
  21. @_five31 do you have a link to the new one? Haven't had a chance to keep up with it. #mochat
  22. @_five31 Love the design by itself, but it doesn’t feel like PPG to me. #mochat
  23. @flabbyironman Tie between Batman: the Animated Series & Thundercats. I’m obviously an animator at heart. #mochat
  24. While they typography is an afterthought, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's opening credits blew me away. #mochat
  25. @Oddernod dude. Now that you're saying that... Silver Hawks and voltron made an impact on me early. #mochat
  26. @_five31 @seeinggreene Besides setting the tone perfectly, it also created the double exposure craze. Enough already! #mochat
  27. @Oddernod @flabbyironman Original Thundercats opening still holds up today. Amazing FX animation and smear drawings #mochat
  28. @pikero24 I love it but do still have some nostalgia that pushes on my love for it. #mochat
  29. @_five31 that's interesting. Super textural and Zine-ish. #mochat maybe almost feels like it's too much.
  30. @MikeOverbeck yes. Still watch it occasionally bc it stuck with me so much #mochat
  31. Although very simple, I really liked the SEQ from Love on Netflix:  https://vimeo.com/156503640  #mochat
  32. @flabbyironman Monsters Inc.was probably one of my favorites because it was an extension of the film. #mochat
  33. @MikeOverbeck GwtDT titles are incredible — best music video in decade. But so kinetic they feel almost out of place w the movie! #mochat
  34. @flabbyironman The glory days of Japanese animation studios spending an entire episode’s budget on 30 seconds #mochat
  35. @MikeOverbeck @flabbyironman TMS Animation Studios. The animation house no one knows that did all your favorite 80s stuff #mochat
  36. @flabbyironman Also foreshadowed what is probably one of my favorite chases ever. #mochat
  37. It's annoying that my brain can't retain all the good film titles I've seen. You ever read the credits looking for the source? #mochat
  38. @Oddernod but at least they got five years of use out of it... And the longer it was the less they had to do every episode. #mochat
  39. I kinda like Archer Vice. It was a nice twist on the old theme. #mochat
  40. @MikeOverbeck @flabbyironman Some of the best Batman ep’s. Gummi Bears. All the best Ghostbusters shows. Ducktales #mochat
  41. @MikeOverbeck I forgot how good that one was. Great mid century design with tasteful parallax #mochat
  42. @Oddernod @MikeOverbeck @flabbyironman I hated when they would dump the nice opener for a flashbacky clip reel from past episodes #mochat
  43. @JackSabbath2D @flabbyironman Incredibles & Ratatouile both made me wish Pixar would do a 2D feature #mochat
  44. @_five31 I was just thinking of that one. Great hearkening back to Saul Bass' stuff #mochat
  45. @_five31 Classic. And the inspiration for a 1000 explainer video RFPs #mochat
  46. #mochat 'Catch Me if You Can', 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' end titles, and opening and closing titles for 'Deadpool'.
  47. @Oddernod @flabbyironman That and the short Day & Night, maybe one day they could have Pixar 2D/stop mo division, #mochat
  48. @Oddernod oh shit. I haven’t seen that in ages. Very under rated. #mochat
  49. We’re in a movie title Renaissance - what film would you want to create titles for that didn’t already have a memorable sequence? #mochat
  50. It's probably a chicken and the egg type question but is it better to lead off with titles (a la Bond) or end with a bang? #mochat
  51. @flabbyironman I like the lead-in better but I think that's a nostalgia thing. #mochat
  52. I have a couple — Goonies. The Last Starfighter. Never Ending Story. #mochat
  53. @flabbyironman Why not both.Bookend. i think its all on the story you want to tell. Do you want to set the mood or recap the end #mochat
  54. @Oddernod sounds like a design class exercise. Hmm. Maybe the last star fighter. #mochat
  55. @Oddernod Mr.Robot Such a mood-driven show would inspire a great title sequence. #mochat
  56. @TheGreatSzalam you’re saying James Bond title sequences aren’t already memorable?!? Bold statement. 😉 #mochat
  57. @flabbyironman Anything that advances the story or adds that final statement works for me. The opposite sucks. Flash for no reason #mochat
  58. @MikeOverbeck @Oddernod they’ve got such strong propaganda marketing imagery too. Maybe s2 will get something. #Mochat
  59. Mort Kombat or Street Fighter. I would remake those titles as well #mochat
  60. @_five31 Pirate maps, zoning laws, Data’s blueprints, and Rocky Road ice cream labels. I can see it in my head! #mochat
  61. Depends on the requirements of the story and tone of opening/closing scenes. Don't shoehorn in an inappropriate sequence. #mochat
  62. I'm seeing less opening titles in films, but more in TV. More films seems to want to get straight into it. #mochat
  63. @Oddernod so it's more about function? I can see that in your Pacific Rim stuff. Both pieces are guides in and out. #mochat
  64. On the TV side I don’t think there’s a more effective title sequence then The Americans at striking the tone of a show in 30 seconds #mochat
  65. @Oddernod a cassette boombox with Cindy Lauper #mochat forget SOM beta, this needs to happen
  66. @SchoolOfMotion Nice! Yeah, all those dark 80s kids movies are full of great design. DARK CRYSTAL! #mochat
  67. TV seems to be more forgiving of a piece of style up front, whereas film it really needs to relate to work. #mochat
  68. @flabbyironman It’s an essential part of the story, otherwise why bother? Cool design alone is just wank. #mochat
  69. @scottgeersen Also TV needs to be a little bit broader/work in more ways as you're telling lots of different stories over time. #mochat
  70. @scottgeersen I’ve noticed this too. Speaking of TV again, scorpion has a pretty great little ditty #mochat
  71. @scottgeersen it's odd though because when I'm bingeing something it starts to drive me crazy when it's repeating every hour. #mochat
  72. I see a lot of things on Vimeo called "titles" but they're actually just some nice graphics in a timeline, no concept/narrative. #mochat
  73. @flabbyironman @scottgeersen Which is why it needs to be 100% on fleek so you never get sick of watching it. #mochat
  74. @Oddernod let’s talk about that for a second. You’ve been there and done it, how do you protect it so it serves the story? #Mochat
  75. @scottgeersen The good ones on TV, the memorable ones, impart something related to storytelling. True Blood, GoT, Americans. #mochat
  76. Another remake, and maybe they’ll do it with the movie reboot, Power Rangers #mochat
  77. What style of titles do you gravitate towards? Live action, animation, compositing? What's the most important part of the design? #mochat
  78. @Oddernod and how did you create the space in a stressed out situation to think concretely about a design problem like that? #Mochat
  79. Hardest part I've found in title design is getting the showrunners to see you as a story expert as well as a design executor. #mochat
  80. Any design lessons you’ve taken away from title sequences you’ve seen? #mochat
  81. @flabbyironman @scottgeersen They need to be great, or serialized. My original pitch for HELIX was a new sequence every week #mochat
  82. @scottgeersen I think that's an issue that can apply in a lot of work, but seems like it would be especially frustrating in titles. #mochat
  83. @flabbyironman it all comes back to how much support you have from showrunner or director — even then it gets killed sometimes! #mochat
  84. @Oddernod @scottgeersen I loved how fringe evolved their sequence to denote different eras. #Mochat
  85. @flabbyironman Pacific Rim? GDT trusted us and guided us. We went wide on pitch and he narrowed is down quickly #mochat
  86. Black Sails is a title I will never, ever skip over. I'd say if it's skippable it's ultimately failed the titles test. #mochat
  87. @flabbyironman Helix? They showed me the 3 season outline and I threw out my pitch and gave them a new idea on the spot… #mochat
  88. @flabbyironman …showrunner loved it and greenlit my crazy idea. Produced 10 unique sequences and SyFy killed it at 11th hour #mochat
  89. #Mochat  http://www.artofthetitle.com/  great site for title design examples and some interviews for newer work.
  90. @flabbyironman Impress director/showrunner w your knowledge of their vision & subject. Become their support & they’ll be yours #mochat
  91. @scottgeersen if we hang out IRL, I’ll tell you some interesting stories about BS over drinks #mochat
  92. Speed round. Everyone list top three or least three titles #mochat
  93. Anybody have any last parting thoughts tonight? #mochat I think mine is just that I want to knock just ONE out Of the park in my career.
  94. Top three: Catch Me IYC, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim #mochat
  95. @_five31 Scott pilgrim, the Manchurian candidate, Gunga Din (which has an optical trick that I still think is amazing) #mochat
  96. @flabbyironman I'd like to create the first middle title sequence in a film, An intermission, let's go to the lobby style sequence. #mochat
  97. Thanks for coming out to #mochat everyone. Next week will mark our last Tuesday night for the summer. Come hang out before break.
  98. Least three: Alaskan bush people, Kate plus 8, honey boo boo #mochat
  99. @JackSabbath2D there's a 4 hour Japanese film called Love Exposure that features a title card 90 minutes in. #mochat
  100. @JackSabbath2D best religious cult drama about a kid who's an expert up skirt photographer that you'll ever see. #mochat
  101. as always everybody, go make something. And keep your ear to the ground. There may be opportunities to make something this summer. #mochat