#mochat 180 - The Little Things

  1. Welcome to #mochat everyone! Tonight we’re talking about all those little things—tips, tricks, hacks—that help you get shit done.
  2. If you’re new to the chat, you can learn more at  http://mochat.xyz/about  Just remember to include the #mochat hashtag.
  3. There's lots of different ways to save time and work better. So let's have it. What helps you get shit done? #mochat
  4. @conigs It's not a tip, but defining the work before you start, and having an idea of how to aproach it. No idea= no time #mochat
  5. @conigs GTD-style to-do lists run my day to day. If I “have nothing to do”, I just need to organize my @todoist list. #mochat
  6. I prepare my projects with future changes in mind. Expressions for easy changes across a project are the best! #mochat
  7. @TheGreatSzalam I love it when you can anticipate a change and have a slider control set up for just that. #thebest #mochat
  8. @pikero24 I pretty much expect everything will change at this point... #mochat
  9. @TheGreatSzalam @pikero24 Flip side is planning for everything to change when really just laying down keyframes is the thing to do. #mochat
  10. @TheGreatSzalam anticipating alterations and implementing an easy way to do it saves me time, and more importantly headaches #mochat
  11. I find that naming everything Final from the beginning saves me the headache of doing it at the end #mochat
  12. @conigs @TheGreatSzalam I'd say the line in the sand is knowing your client and what kinds of things they want to tweak #mochat
  13. My little things to get shit done start with daily to-do/notes in a small notebook. #mochat
  14. @conigs evenin'. finally buckling down and setting up the proper output modules in render queue #mochat
  15. @flabbyironman @conigs Presets man, suprisingly helpful. I don't know why I resisted #mochat
  16. @conigs a huge time saver for me is keyboard shortcuts - they're called shortcuts for a reason! #mochat
  17. real talk though, I'd say ft-toolbar is the ultimate shortcut #mochat
  18. @conigs no, mostly just setting up the render settings I use all of the time. I suppose I should automate naming too... #mochat
  19. @conigs @flabbyironman Boring, but defining my file structures within in programs and system wide makes finding media quick for me. #mochat
  20. @TheGreatSzalam You can mostly in AE as well. Though it’s easier on OS X. #mochat
  21. @garytussey boiling a half-hour phone call into 3 bullet points makes me smile. Condensing everything down to a list= good advice #mochat
  22. I am most productive when I have no other choice. #mochat
  23. @TheGreatSzalam @conigs speaking of c4d, docking reset psr somewhere easily accessible. #mochat
  24. @flabbyironman @conigs docking your most used tools in #C4D is great. I do PSR, scroll to first active, and others #mochat
  25. I save time by not typing bullets in my lists and avoiding any links that have the word "hack" in them. #mochat
  26. @seeinggreene Although I also tend to avoid links with "Hack" in the title. Way overused. #mochat
  27. I have a script somewhere that generates ft-toolbar buttons based on some simple text rules. no time spent designing icons #mochat
  28. #Mochat music is helpful to keep me productive/focused more lately than ever before. Duh
  29. I wonder if it'd be worth talking about social engineering... not 'avoiding' unnecessary meetings per se but 'shortcutting' them #mochat
  30. @conigs I'm like a recurring nightmare; I just show up with with startling frequency and no rhyme or reason. #mochat
  31. @vaporstack Definitely worth talking about. If I can handle something with an email instead of a 30 minute meeting, all the better. #mochat
  32. @conigs @vaporstack a cleverly worded conversation/email can manage client expectations and make feedback constructive/destructive #mochat
  33. @vaporstack meetings are such a productivity-killer. I need to learn how to cut more of those off #mochat
  34. @TheGreatSzalam this is gonna sound blasphemous but I actually prefer the original (1st) one. Don't know if it's even avail anymore #mochat
  35. @vaporstack Makes perfect sense. I think it ties back to one of the golden rules of saving time and headaches, consistency. #mochat
  36. @conigs @vaporstack I had a wise teacher that used to say something like, "Why meet with a group when individuals make decisions?" #mochat
  37. It's a much larger discussion of course but worth thinking about. I'm in a cool spot now but I used to live the Dilbert life #mochat
  38. What are some other little things you do/know in AE that save you time? #mochat
  39. @conigs knowing little things help me plan an efficient method of attack eg: alt-dragging footage onto footage replaces it. #mochat
  40. @pikero24 @conigs which I can use to mask a duplicated clip in multiple places, then replace them with a single precomp. #mochat
  41. @conigs the expression time*X seems to be infinitely useful. #mochat
  42. Real meeting or video chat with client instead of email. Email kills. Learned from @reuben_evans #mochat
  43. @vaporstack @conigs There’s always a “There’s a keyboard shortcut for that” #mochat
  44. @conigs Set Matte effect instead of multiple copies of the same layer for track mattes #mochat
  45. @conigs Keyboard shortcuts, by far. There's always more to learn. #mochat
  46. @vaporstack @conigs But looking at the available shortcut-able things can show you what's possible. C4D's got a giant list! #mochat
  47. Gonna sound dumb but I actually sit there and read the keyboard shortcuts page once in a while. Always discover something new. #mochat
  48. @pikero24 You can also right-click a footage item in the project panel and select "Replace with Precomp…" #mochat
  49. The keyboard shortcuts that help you navigate the timeline in AE are the most time-saving, I think. #mochat
  50. @conigs I have my default output settings to place my render #mochat
  51. @conigs True, but it creates one per layer. There I had a bunch of the same with different masks and wanted to have one precomp. #mochat
  52. My default render settings will place the render relative to the project file. Never worry again about lost renders #mochat
  53. This might be obvious to some, but I never work on footage. I always always always work on a plate comp. makes swaps super easy #mochat
  54. @pikero24 It should just create one Precomp, and automatically replace any instance of the footage item in comps. #mochat
  55. @rendernyc @conigs I'm learning I need to spend extra time with my render queue defaults and presets tomorrow. #mochat
  56. @rendernyc It's nice to have. Started making some for Approvals, Deliver, Submaster… #mochat
  57. @conigs @rendernyc option-selection an output module or render setting will set it as default, btw, in case anyone didn't know this #mochat
  58. @conigs Misunderstood what you were saying. Yes! Often it’s just knowing the option exists though. Everyone has different knowledge #mochat
  59. Press F2 to deselect all, works in project, timeline and effects panels #mochat
  60. I'm still really wanting a keyboard shortcut to toggle between speed and value graphs. #mochat
  61. K have cmd shift r set to reverse selected keyframes #mochat
  62. @vaporstack and to echo back something I learned from @Oddernod long, long ago... The right click/show help menu in 4d. so handy. #mochat
  63. @helloluxx I knew about F2 to deselect layers in the timeline panel, but found out yesterday that it did it in the other panels too #mochat
  64. cmd+1-4 switches channels on the Curve effect. not sure why. doesn't seem to work on any other effect. but I love it. #mochat
  65. And the paste multiple keyframes scrip't is useful when wanting to paste to multiple layers wo making copies #mochat
  66. shift+F3 to enter/exit graph editor is a nice one #mochat
  67. Every 10 minute actual conversation seems to save me 3 hours of email confusion. #mochat
  68. @flabbyironman @vaporstack I don’t know what this option does…” *looks at help* “Now I do! I don’t know what I was expecting." #mochat
  69. @fredsprinkle yeah I agree, 5 minutes can save 60, but sometimes ppl just wanna talk #mochat
  70. Another great way to save time... think and plan ahead. Makes things way easier when the pressure is on later #mochat
  71. @rendernyc I'm all about planning; do you ever abandon the planning phase in the spirit of experimentation? #mochat
  72. @vaporstack ⌥ 1-4 switches channels in the comp viewer, too. ⌥ ⇧ to see colorized channels. #mochat
  73. @conigs yeah that's why cmd-the same keys on curves is like a fine meal with a fine beverage #mochat
  74. @seeinggreene @rendernyc don't always have the option or time... I try and take a moment to visualize the minimum before jumping in. #mochat
  75. if you have a little coding knowledge, ESTK will save you a *ton* of time. it's rather horrible tho but AE has nice script access #mochat
  76. @seeinggreene @rendernyc When I’m just making doodles, then of course. Even then, having a framework helps my creativity. #mochat
  77. Another great timesaver I still see some people reluctant to use is Première #mochat
  78. @pikero24 @rendernyc Good point. How would that framework manifest itself? Limitations of some kind? A goal? #mochat
  79. @rendernyc Yes! Don't need to edit in AE. Also been using it to string out VO, then dynamically link into AE. #mochat
  80. @conigs @rendernyc I do all my audio in pr but I copy and paste back... never link #mochat
  81. @seeinggreene @rendernyc Today I’ll try to emulate this… I want to learn X… How does Y interact with X. I’ll do whole ABC gifs. etc #mochat
  82. @conigs @rendernyc why link if theres a chance that it will lose the link... not render correctly... error out erc #mochat
  83. @conigs @rendernyc Dynamic link from PR, save the AE proj, then undo in PR to preserve the native edit since dylink can get wonky #mochat
  84. Sometimes I'll dynamic link lower 3rds just to try it again. But always tends to screw something up #mochat
  85. @rendernyc Timesaver tip: Use software designed to do that task. Edit in Pri, Animate in Ae, Audio in Au. Who would have guessed? #mochat
  86. What are some non-AE timesavers, tips, or tricks you use? #mochat
  87. @madebyflame @conigs media encoder will take comps from multiple projects and let you render them in a queue? #mochat
  88. @conigs I started identifying and respecting opportunity cost, leading me to begin hiring assistants to set up projects. #mochat
  89. @conigs Adobe Audition has really been helping lately for audio. I sometimes say it is Adobe's best designed app. #mochat
  90. @conigs for you Windows kids, I really like  http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/  to rename footage files or whatever else. #mochat
  91. @conigs Citrus & Forest so I stop watching Netflix for 5+ hours. Saves a lot of time. #mochat
  92. @garytussey @rendernyc also useful to render on multiple machines as image sequence and drop right on pr timeline. Sweetness #mochat
  93. another time saving trick for #aftereffects, if you’re rendering to png, stop and switch to tif or tga, dpx or exr if needed #mochat
  94. @conigs Can you explain why @alfredapp is better than spotlight? I've never quite gotten it... #mochat
  95. @conigs I'll have to send links when I get to a desktop, but they're chrome extensions. #mochat
  96. @seeinggreene OS X has it built in renaming, or A Better Finder Rename. #mochat
  97. rendering to image sequences is far safer way to go if something/anything goes wrong you didn’t waste much time. #mochat
  98. old school but I use LaunchBar. never failed me once. $15 #mochat
  99. @vaporstack That was my go-to before Quicksilver… now I'm on Alfred. #mochat
  100. Well, that about does it for tonight’s #mochat on little things to get shit done.
  101. Reminder/Announcement that #postchat is returning, starting tomorrow night at 9PM ET. #mochat