#mochat 165 - Trends & Styles

  1. Welcome to this week’s #mochat on trends & styles… and the apparent similarity in a lot of motion design.
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  3. So let's get this out of the way… trends are obviously nothing new. But things do seem to be circling tighter and tighter lately. #mochat
  4. @conigs interesting topic tonight, a lot of similar styles out and yet I see a lot of variations of styles #mochat
  5. @conigs I think alot of it is perception, though I do think there is room for creative criticism and growth #mochat
  6. What would you say are some of the more prominent trends in motion design right now? #mochat
  7. @conigs Is this a symptom of the industry becoming more global? there isnt time for styles to brew regionally because internet. #mochat
  8. @jasonpoley quite possibly. I remember waiting for the new Stash release and going over it frame by frame. #mochat
  9. @conigs I think part of the problem is it's easy to fall into a pattern of work. A + B = C and forget to try different solutions. #mochat
  10. @jasonpoley @conigs I've been feeling a bit stifled lately by the prevalence of online design and illustration #mochat
  11. @conigs I feel like octane renders and cell shaders are the new trend in 3D. While 2d alternates between thick strokes and flat art #mochat
  12. @JackSabbath2D @conigs also clients are always more comfortable going with established styles. pushing those styles #mochat
  13. @jasonpoley @conigs Easy to do the same thing because the last time it worked, so why not do it again and again #mochat
  14. @jasonpoley @JackSabbath2D Are they pushing those styles? Or are we not pushing the best solution through hard enough? #mochat
  15. @conigs crazy-bright colored flat vector art in animated gif form? #mochat
  16. @caitcadieux @conigs I hear you, stepping out of that world is gettign harder. the need to "stay current" is strong #mochat
  17. @conigs @jasonpoley @JackSabbath2D some if it may be timelines. Working quicker = relying on old standbys. #mochat
  18. I think a lot of current trends have their roots in endless piles of explainer videos. #mochat
  19. @caitcadieux @conigs @jasonpoley Work is produced by similar tool sets, people use the same plugins and may not push it far enough #Mochat
  20. @seeinggreene It takes a lot of time to come up with a new cool design and pitch it to a client. They’d rather go with the familiar #mochat
  21. @seeinggreene And I would strongly agree with that. At least the current character animation trends. #mochat
  22. @caitcadieux @conigs @JackSabbath2D compressed budgets and timelines do this. its maybe up to personal projects to push boundaries #mochat
  23. @hungrymindcg @JackSabbath2D @conigs and as a freelancer yo uget hired because "i saw you can do that thing" #mochat
  24. Aren't the designers just as "guilty" as the clients though? #mochat
  25. @seeinggreene to an extent depending on circumstance, client relationship. #mochat
  26. @conigs @seanhunsche @caitcadieux @jasonpoley They still have a perception of whats cool, even if uninformed, reference industry #mochat
  27. @seeinggreene Yeah it is a two way street. Have to work with them and yourself, #mochat
  28. @seeinggreene You have a responsibility to encourage venturing into new territory, but money talks and gets what it wants. #mochat
  29. @seeinggreene I dunno, it's a good question. Gotta deliver what the client wants, right? #mochat
  30. @pikero24 it depends n too many variables. I have done heaps of jobs where the client has trusted me. never let anyone down yet. #mochat
  31. @conigs its easy to fall into a pattern at a studio, they see something works and they tend to roll with it since its tried and true #mochat
  32. Flat designs and solid colors are easier to animate: textures, shading, etc. all add layers + extra time animating extra stuff #mochat
  33. @seeinggreene I feel like a lot of clients have the mentality of, "Me too!" when it comes to looks #mochat
  34. @hungrymindcg @jasonpoley @caitcadieux @conigs I work hard to get different character types, so I'm not just animating skinny dudes #mochat
  35. @DerekTac @seeinggreene but we (artists) are the experts. It's up to us to educate and gently guide the client #mochat
  36. @seeinggreene I'd argue the current style is way to reliant on heavily key framed elements. #mochat
  37. @jasonpoley More recently I pushed for a client to go in a different direction and it was a big friction. Maybe I need new clients.. #mochat
  38. @hungrymindcg @seeinggreene Can only guide as much as they're willing to budge! But you are right! #mochat
  39. @pikero24 if you know when to back off, its fine. a little friction can be good. baby steps #mochat
  40. @seeinggreene I love textures, sometimes to a fault. I am the opposite of flat colors #mochat
  41. @hungrymindcg @DerekTac @seeinggreene But also need to realize there is room for personal visual growth, always can learn new tricks #mochat
  42. @DerekTac @hungrymindcg Do you think certain types of clients are more open? (e.g. tech vs. retail or large vs. small) #mochat
  43. @DerekTac @seeinggreene ain't that the truth! Maybe it comes back to pushing out great personal work! #mochat
  44. @jasonpoley There’s “That might not be where we want to take it…” and “We’re looking for a certain video style and we’ll get it.” #mochat
  45. @pikero24 I hear ya. either way their moneys good :) not every job can be a boundary pushing master piece #mochat
  46. @seeinggreene @DerekTac probably not corporate or small businesses, too much risk/too small budgets #mochat
  47. @jasonpoley @conigs I think the throughpoint is when should we push to make masterpieces and when should we be “working artists?” #mochat
  48. @pikero24 @jasonpoley @conigs When you're working for yourself (free) is when the boundaries can be pushed. #momoneymoproblems #mochat
  49. @conigs 2d is definitely in style ... the live action integration is starting to take a backseat #mochat
  50. @pikero24 @jasonpoley Commercial/commissioned design will never be "masterpieces of art". Cool and fun, definitely, but not art. #mochat
  51. @hungrymindcg @seeinggreene @DerekTac Each client is going to have a different perspective, asking the right questions can help #mochat
  52. @pikero24 @conigs again thats really down to the individual client and building up trust. #mochat
  53. @JackSabbath2D @seeinggreene @DerekTac you can always show them work that pushes boundaries in your proposed style guide #mochat
  54. @hungrymindcg @JackSabbath2D @seeinggreene @DerekTac This can work, but can have side effects. “I liked that one, make it more that" #mochat
  55. @JackSabbath2D @hungrymindcg @DerekTac I like the question-based approach: Why are you doing this? is one that can't be asked enough #mochat
  56. @mrmikeflorio @conigs I propose that styles are about exposure, with sites dedicated to showcasing them now, Dribbble etc. #mochat
  57. @seeinggreene @JackSabbath2D @hungrymindcg @DerekTac the fun is finding the core of what the client needs, then making it awesome. #mochat
  58. @JackSabbath2D @mrmikeflorio @conigs I believe perception is important to realize styles are not bad but a solution to your problem #mochat
  59. @JackSabbath2D @mrmikeflorio I defiantly blame Dribbble for the "Here's an illustration… that mooooooves" trend in motion design. #mochat
  60. @JackSabbath2D @conigs yes and no ... some people did the 2d style before it was cool, the rest of us are kinda catching up #mochat
  61. @hungrymindcg @conigs @jasonpoley Oh I’m playing it here. I’ve had it happen once, but they eventually came around. #mochat
  62. @mrmikeflorio @conigs Yeah but 2D animation has been around since the beginning. For the longest time it was one the only solutions #mochat
  63. Hey #mochat peeps, just joining. May or may not have much to say, but I'll be lurking.
  64. @JackSabbath2D @mrmikeflorio There's amazing illustrations out there. But don't call it motion design b/c steam rises from a cup. #mochat
  65. @JackSabbath2D @conigs I completely agree ... what solves the problem is more important that using a "style" for the hell of it #mochat
  66. @conigs I think one of the things we all have to deal with is the weight of history and digital access to the entire recorded past #mochat
  67. @conigs @pikero24 @jasonpoley I'm not totally convinced that a commissioned piece cannot be a masterpiece. Rare, but possible #mochat
  68. @JackSabbath2D @seeinggreene @hungrymindcg This is often a good starting place to steer convo in the direction you'd like to venture #mochat
  69. @hungrymindcg @conigs @jasonpoley If you have the right environment (client favor/trust) it’s possible… (1/2) #mochat
  70. @seeinggreene Not at all… Just don't think it should be called motion design. #mochat
  71. @hungrymindcg @conigs @jasonpoley But do we have a responsibility as designers to try and raise the bar for everyone? #mochat
  72. @conigs I agree, but you better come up with the new name--and make it catchy! #mochat
  73. @conigs and take all the bits and pieces we want from them. #mochat
  74. @hungrymindcg @conigs @jasonpoley Now this #mochat becomes how to assimilate those (clients) who resist our artistic ways.
  75. @conigs I don't really buy the idea that motion design / animation is stylistically "all the same" right now. #mochat
  76. @bran_dj @conigs It is not all the same, but there is definitely work that is derivative of others #mochat
  77. @hungrymindcg @pikero24 @conigs I thought this started out as a spec project they ran with? might be wrong. #mochat
  78. @conigs Doesn't mean you can't see connections, similarities, families, derivatives of certain original work. That always happens.#mochat
  79. @pikero24 @jasonpoley @conigs wow, if so, that's cool. I heard nothing about it, just saw it and it had me emotional #mochat
  80. @conigs Some reasons it does are economic (budget, time), some are related to effort or thought, originality, etc. #mochat
  81. @mrmikeflorio @JackSabbath2D @conigs I had this SAME convo with a producer and another GFX artist last week. Hilarious video though! #mochat
  82. Do you guys think there are a couple big players in our industry that have a huge chunk of the overall influence on trends? #mochat
  83. @bran_dj @conigs That originality comes from talking with clients. When there’s a layer of sales dividing hard to gauge what’s ok #mochat
  84. @DerekTac @JackSabbath2D @conigs it's like the battle of pop vs soda ... you fight the good fight but you can't win everytime #mochat
  85. @bran_dj @conigs at my office there’s a layer of physical people, but even when doing it alone money can get people afraid #mochat
  86. So is there somewhere one can look for "pure" inspiration (assuming the internet is too polluted with trendiness)? #mochat
  87. @JackSabbath2D @seeinggreene GSG Mt Mograph @longlivemikey Anyone who makes tutorials sets up the newest designers with their “look” #mochat
  88. @conigs @JackSabbath2D @DerekTac Paul after all these years I'm surprised you still even talk to me :) #mochat
  89. @conigs @mrmikeflorio @JackSabbath2D I once ordered a "soda" in the Pacific Northwest and got blank-stared at #mochat
  90. In the last 15 minutes of #mochat, what are some ares you’re seeing some truly new/boundary pushing work?
  91. @conigs #mochat. I think In the tools. For any style or trend there is a plugin/script/preset to make it easy.
  92. @conigs I've really admired the work of @PostPanic_ and @2veinteStudio totally different styles, but groundbreaking #mochat
  93. @conigs interestingly, it feels like a handmade feel which was in 5-10 years ago is coming back around. #mochat
  94. @conigs I think as trendy as cel is, anything that feels more organic/imperfect is the logical reaction to hyper-digital/vector #mochat
  95. @seeinggreene Interestingly enough, that's the direction of one of my current projects for that reason. #mochat
  96. Well, that about does it for tonight’s #mochat on trends & styles.