1. Good evening everybody, welcome to #mochat! Tonight we’re doing reel critiques. How is everyone tonight?
  2. to get things started, @AGoberg who can’t be here because of timezones asked for some feedback on this  https://vimeo.com/150095325  #mochat
  3. @flabbyironman @pikero24 Are we checking it twice? Gonna find out who's naughty & nice? #mochat
  4. btw, I think we’re going to start doing critiques once a quarter. We discovered it’s been a YEAR since we did the last one. #mochat
  5. @flabbyironman @AGoberg's work = awesome 3D renders + UI. Splitting the production and editing side off on it's own could help focus #mochat
  6. @flabbyironman @AGoberg yeah, I agree with @pikero24. killer work, but the video clips seem to take away a bit. #mochat
  7. @flabbyironman @AGoberg I think overall the work is great, would cut out the 0:42 aniamtion, after the other walk cycles #mochat
  8. @austin__saylor @AGoberg @pikero24 there’s some stuff in the middle that’s flatter and 2d that seems discongruent with other stuff #mochat
  9. @flabbyironman @AGoberg @austin__saylor by the :25 I worry that there's no more awesome. Front load! We might not watch it all. #mochat
  10. @AGoberg also, some advice give to me by a veteran was to keep the real at 50 seconds. #mochat
  11. @austin__saylor @AGoberg @pikero24 also, maybe a little too explainer-ey whereas everything else feels much more filmic. #mochat
  12. @JackSabbath2D @flabbyironman @AGoberg As long as they're engaging you'll keep watching. The middle lull makes 1:15 feel long. #mochat
  13. @austin__saylor @AGoberg 1:18 is good compared to a lot of the things I get, but yeah. cut, cut cut til it’s LEAN. #mochat
  14. @JackSabbath2D @flabbyironman @AGoberg School wise I was told max reel should be around 1-1:30. Shortest should be 30s. #mochat
  15. @Zonaefly @JackSabbath2D @flabbyironman @AGoberg Your reel should be you showing off. Put your best/ favorite clips in and don't pad #mochat
  16. @Zonaefly, what’s your goal. What kind of feedback would you like? #mochat
  17. @flabbyironman @AGoberg I would like to fair warn that this was made right before mochat & made just to get some content together. #mochat
  18. @flabbyironman Honestly suggestions how to put all the clips I have of just the letters together. I'm not sure how to tackle that. #mochat
  19. @flabbyironman @Zonaefly Nice! Solid Typography and Style.Try cutting out any time where nothing happens and overlapping animations! #mochat
  20. @Zonaefly I think you have the potential to trim the letters, showcase your favorites and then include the rest all in one frame. #mochat
  21. @flabbyironman @Zonaefly Clarification: There's a lot of 1...2...3 actions. Making us go 1-3 in a single swoop makes us think wow #mochat
  22. @Zonaefly I think my initial reaction is to coming back to projects. I’m generally not a fan of seeing a project multiple times #mochat
  23. @Zonaefly the stuff you’re doing to the Hannibal footage is interesting, but not interesting enough to see twice. #mochat
  24. @austin__saylor @flabbyironman @Zonaefly Grouping the letters together might keep momentum. Don't be afraid to ramp the speed #mochat
  25. @Zonaefly guessing you’re still a student. I think self-initiating some work would be SUPER beneficial. work through a whole concept #mochat
  26. @Zonaefly Never let anything rest at cuts. Dual screen bouncing back and forth between letters with overlap could give more energy #mochat
  27. @pikero24 @Zonaefly yeah, I think if you sped all of the letters up to 200% and really trimmed the length up it’d sizzle. #mochat
  28. @flabbyironman Most of the letters are self-initiated, but I still don't have a ton of footage to work with yet. #mochat
  29. @flabbyironman @Zonaefly I'd say showing entire words animated on screen is hard to showcase in a reel because of the time it takes #mochat
  30. I hope STEAK is on #mochat tonight to critique reels ...
  31. @Zonaefly the Startup Weekend thing is SUPER long and not particularly interesting. it could potentially be trimmed. #mochat
  32. @flabbyironman @Zonaefly Slows down the flow, find ways to make it feel faster by showcasing the strongest ones, or creative edits #mochat
  33. @flabbyironman @Zonaefly I tend to animate slower than I should. Often speeding up by 130%- 200% makes stuff work better. #mochat
  34. I should really make a reel, not feeling so well tonight so have fun everybody! #mochat
  35. Disclaimer: my reel c. 1899 is on a forgotten shelf in the fridge collecting mold behind expired condiments. But I will critique you #mochat
  36. @flabbyironman Okie doke. I think I was aiming originally for cutting to the beat, but it does stay on for a while as a result. #mochat
  37. @Zonaefly also, you did cut it together before #mochat. I’m sure you’d re-cut it a bit after it sits for 24 hours. I usually do. #mochat
  38. @flabbyironman I plan on redoing this during the weekend so thank you for all the help! :D #mochat
  39. @flabbyironman @Zonaefly Definitely. It makes sense to want to cut to the music, so a little more examination will help! #mochat
  40. @pikero24 step one. two reels. tacking on the 360 VR stuff at the end just confuses me and takes away from your other work. #mochat
  41. @pikero24 mograph or VFX. Never the twain shall meet, unless you’re doing FUI and then it should just be FUI. #mochat
  42. @pikero24 of course, thinking about that, I’m a hypocrite, because my last reel had a little mix. it’s not a hard and fast rule. #mochat
  43. @flabbyironman @pikero24 I think I count the same logo in there about 7-8 times throughout. Group it all together and cut. #mochat
  44. @pikero24 great edit. the cuts are timed well (to the beat and on action). the a TV logo so many times isn't exciting though. #mochat
  45. @pikero24 at 1:11, that looks awfully much like a GSG tut. Never put material that looks like a popular tutorial in your reel. #mochat
  46. @pikero24 With regards to sound design, I think the sfx work, but the music and voice mixed with the reel music were distracting. #mochat
  47. @flabbyironman @pikero24 Was trying to explain the difference between VFX and mograph to my dad the other day. They SEEM related... #mochat
  48. @pikero24 how do you guys feel about logo builds that weren’t client work like the bioshock logo?Looks a lot like it originally did. #mochat
  49. @flabbyironman @pikero24 the second shot in is a viddeo copilot tutorial i thing. but its been heavily masked so more the technique #mochat
  50. @JackSabbath2D @AndreKrat @pikero24 Because the song seems to keep the same beat for so long, it does change rhythm enough #mochat
  51. @flabbyironman @pikero24 My assumption was that it was an attempt at recreating it faithfully, but that was just my guess. #mochat
  52. @austin__saylor @pikero24 I think there a little moments where it feels too fast, but most of it's well timed. #mochat
  53. Hi friends! I'm late, was locating assets (that aren't on the server) #mochat
  54. @AndreKrat @flabbyironman @pikero24 i was down for it but unless its stated that it wasnt client work that might be confusing #mochat
  55. @RagingClaw @AndreKrat @flabbyironman How would I go about it? I used to have tiny text at the bottom for each clip but didn't here. #mochat
  56. @pikero24 @RagingClaw @AndreKrat @flabbyironman I feel like tiny text at the bottom distracts me. Do people read descriptions? #mochat
  57. @pikero24 That's definitely a tough one to address in a reel. Easy to explain on a portfolio site, I'd expand in the description. #mochat
  58. @flabbyironman Nah I love this stuff. This is how I’ll improve. Putting myself together after bring ripped to shreds #mochat
  59. @pikero24 @flabbyironman im not ripping you to shreds. you have a reel. i dont. im a hypocrite lol #mochat
  60. @pikero24 @flabbyironman Most important part of any critique is figuring out where to go next from it. And there's a lot of good! #mochat
  61. @pikero24 @flabbyironman There's way less benefit from just hearing "Hey, this is good" full stop. #mochat
  62. Any folks made the transition from live action video to motion graphics? How was that first reel in mograph? #mochat
  63. @flabbyironman @paradiseinmotion Lots of good work in here. Put your best stuff in first. that gopro build was sweet #mochat
  64. @seeinggreene No but I made the transition from paper portfolio to reel. Difficult to say the least. #mochat
  65. @seeinggreene I started doing more video production, but never made a reel for live action stuff. #mochat
  66. @paradisenmotion The two initial things I noticed were that there were some edits that didn’t QUITE resolve and bugged me and #mochat
  67. @flabbyironman @paradisenmotion Be sure to have your first shot or two define you. After we'll know what to expect from there on out #mochat
  68. @paradisenmotion (2/2) at about 1minute it started to drag. You could stand to chop about :30 out. #mochat
  69. @flabbyironman @paradisenmotion Love how much personality you show right in the beginning. Hard to sustain 1:40 though. Cut! #mochat
  70. @seeinggreene i sort of made that transition. I wish I had access to my first reel. it’s on a DVCam tape. It was NOT GOOD. #mochat
  71. @flabbyironman @seeinggreene one #mochat we should bring out the old stuff. See where we’ve all come from. My old production reel is 10mins
  72. @pikero24 @flabbyironman @paradisenmotion Start by dropping :58 It's so far removed from the other stuff that it sticks out. #mochat
  73. @paradisenmotion we got back to things multiple times. Choose the most salient bits. #mochat
  74. @flabbyironman @paradisenmotion For a suggestion of a cut, i think you can cutdown the health care pan to just one not all 3 #mochat
  75. @paradisenmotion I loved the reel, but I do agree with others, it felt about 30 secs too long. Overall, excellent reel #mochat
  76. @paradisenmotion lovely work. I especially like what you did with the personal intro! #mochat
  77. @JackSabbath2D @flabbyironman @paradisenmotion You could also cut between them. We don't necessarily have to see each resolve. #mochat
  78. @flabbyironman Probably a lot of action in a mail-order DVCAM service. I have one of those too... #mochat
  79. @paradisenmotion Loved the reel, but as everyone else said, a bit long. <3 #mochat
  80. @Zonaefly You're off to a great start! And you can learn a bunch from all these bozos. #mochat
  81. @pikero24 @flabbyironman I don't know if I'd be able to show up again. Too embarassing. #mochat
  82. @seeinggreene Yeah! I'm super excited. Everyone here is awesome and I've already learned so much from joining #mochat
  83. @invrsleep man, I don’t know if I’m going to have much. :31 feels like it could be chopped. Not as good as the rest of it. #mochat
  84. @seeinggreene @flabbyironman We’ve literally all been there. It’s good to laugh at yourself once in a while! #mochat
  85. @flabbyironman @invrsleep Lovely opening and closing!!! Subjective, but I would like to see related products strung together #mochat
  86. @invrsleep really enjoyed the intro / outro. the intro could probably be cut a 1/2 to 3/4 second earlier. kinda sits there for a sec #mochat
  87. @flabbyironman @invrsleep some shots linger for a bit too long, but it felt short. That's the goal. #mochat
  88. @austin__saylor @invrsleep yeah. also feels like the screen could be a LITTLE more luminant, but that’s me being nit-picky. #mochat
  89. @cblaylock you are late. the doors are locked. you are stuck outside to peek in the frosted over windows like a perv. #mochat
  90. @cblaylock you’ve got thirteen minutes to be a contributing member, Chris… ;-) #mochat
  91. @DerekTac @invrsleep I'm for grouping as well. Great diversity of work; probably better featured as "chunks." #mochat
  92. We’ve got ten minutes left in #mochat tonight. Let’s see if we can squeeze in the last two. here’s @Austin_Saylor  https://vimeo.com/151331612 
  93. @flabbyironman I'm not a motion graphics animator, but I did do one music video a while back  https://youtu.be/QOF8hAFG4hk  #mochat
  94. @austin__saylor @invrsleep I love the intro I feel like it's jarring with the first clip. :/ #mochat
  95. @invrsleep Think about which shots are by cuts. Try match eye position on the screen and movement. eg falling pigeon -> falling girl #mochat
  96. @MotionChat and if we have thirty seconds maybe I’ll put up a draft of the FUI reel I’ve been working on. #mochat
  97. @flabbyironman also idk if 3D anim reels fall into the to share category, but I've got this as well  https://youtu.be/8YqwDIAAanA  #mochat
  98. @Zonaefly thanks. and yeah. I was feeling that too... good to hear confirmation. #mochat
  99. @Austin_Saylor You hit the ground running with style of the first few clips and keep it going the whole way though. #mochat
  100. @austin__saylor Short and sweet, edit felt solid. I think your second reveal of the ECRS logo is much stronger, I'd lose the ATMs(?) #mochat
  101. @austin__saylor The intro into the clip at :08 might be a really nice edit. #mochat
  102. @flabbyironman @Austin_Saylor Nice image/motion matching between clips, solid caps on both ends. Intro could be a smidge long? #mochat
  103. @JackSabbath2D Shots at :20 and :33 are out of place, But your characters are so solid. I have a lot to learn. #mochat
  104. @austin__saylor @JackSabbath2D I really love the Starburst stuff. I feel like that could be much more prominent. #mochat
  105. @JackSabbath2D Great pacing-solid. What stood out to me is how you're branding yourself. The "and" billing doesn't feel strong here. #mochat
  106. @austin__saylor Thanks that was a great challenge with my rig that I was able to pull off with lots of masking #mochat
  107. Man, this has been a fast hour of #mochat tonight. Couple last minutes. Any feedback left to give?
  108. @invrsleep We’re all working to be better than fart noises! Don’t forget to use the #mochat to get in on the action!
  109. Thanks for the feedback everyone, you're all the best 👍 #mochat
  110. @flabbyironman Best advice I've gotten on reels: Once the viewer asks "What the fuck is this?" you should move on to the next thing. #mochat
  111. Next week on Mochat we’re going to be talking Trends & style after that Motionographer article this week. Things to ‘Same-ey’? #mochat
  112. @flabbyironman I was about to apply to a job, but now I have to cut two new reels. A blessing and a curse in this one ;) #mochat
  113. @seeinggreene I am going to rebrand this year, working on a new logo mark by end of year, so open to suggestions #mochat
  114. Thanks all for the feedback. Biggest takeaway from tonight’s #mochat - "Choose the most salient bits” @flabbyironman
  115. Thanks for coming out tonight everybody. Like I mentioned,this is going to probably be a once a quarter thing if people are into it. #mochat
  116. @flabbyironman Thanks for hosting! It's helpful, and It's always good to see everyone's work. #mochat
  117. @MotionChat Also,shameless plug, but if you want to see something I worked on, Go see Lazer Team in a theater near you this weekend! #mochat
  118. @JackSabbath2D Me too, man. It's a tough one. Let me know if you want to chat about it. Best of luck. #mochat
  119. @MotionChat That’s a wrap, everybody. As always, Go Make Something! #mochat
  120. Thanks for all the critiques! I had fun seeing everyone's reels & learning new tips. :D #mochat