1. Evening Mochat. Talking about AE Plugins and Scripts? Nice. #mochat
  2. I was recently assembling myself a fully-fledged AE POWERHOUSE. AKA rounding up my must-have scripts + plug ins. And I was inspired. #mochat
  3. @caitcadieux We should probably just get Particular and Red Giant stuff out of the way now right? We could particle talk all night! #mochat
  4. @pikero24 's already out of the gate with an obvious staple, but the question is, what are your must haves when setting up AE? #mochat
  5. @pikero24 @caitcadieux i think explode shape layers, buttcapper, and motion vs are important #mochat
  6. @seanhunsche @JackSabbath2D @caitcadieux We haven't gotten there yet! I haven't dropped my script bomb on you all. #mochat
  7. @Zonaefly @seanhunsche @caitcadieux The shape layer twirl down is the bane of my animating existence.Anything to make that easier... #mochat
  8. @seanhunsche @caitcadieux @pikero24 I have yet to use rubberhose, bought it but still need to play around with it #mochat
  9. @JackSabbath2D @seanhunsche @pikero24 Rubberhose is my favorite. I still love Duik for less fluid type stuff. But Rubberhose, mmmmm. #mochat
  10. @JackSabbath2D @seanhunsche @caitcadieux It removes a lot of the puppet tool use cases, and makes bendy shape layers easy! #mochat
  11. @caitcadieux @pikero24 the power to control keyframes in that matter is invaluable, the clone and rename tool are mega time savers #mochat
  12. @caitcadieux @seanhunsche @pikero24 I need to learn how to design with it, shape layers and me are not always on the same page #mochat
  13. @caitcadieux @JackSabbath2D @seanhunsche I still use Duik for it's other stuff a lot. Like the animation controls and easy curves #mochat
  14. @pikero24 @caitcadieux @JackSabbath2D i hate duik, rigging took so long i wasn't in the mood to animate anymore #mochat
  15. @pikero24 @LeeHoffguy @caitcadieux a lot of things. it can create a null that is automatically centered in your comp #mochat
  16. @pikero24 @LeeHoffguy @caitcadieux let you copy keyframes on multiple frames and paste them on same frames instead of doing it 1by 1 #mochat
  17. My must have, install ASAP plug ins rundown – ESL, Rift, Keysmith, EaseCopy, and Ray Dynamic Color. #mochat
  18. Shout out to True Comp Duplicator for making life so much easier on this current big project.  http://aescripts.com/true-comp-duplicator/  #mochat
  19. @caitcadieux @pikero24 @LeeHoffguy has a ton of features i don't use but the ones i do are incredibly worth it #mochat
  20. @caitcadieux ESL is a necessity if you use illustrator. It's worth it just for deleting art boards. #mochat
  21. @pikero24 I love ESL. I use it constantly. Another thing I never realized how much I needed it til I had it. #mochat
  22. @caitcadieux Love esl, like Ray but has always been buggy for me. Also like ouroboros but slows render times way down #mochat
  23. Cuz I'm an FUI guy it's.. PLEXUS CONNECT LAYERS LAYER STALKER EASE WIZZ RIFT and i'm digging into XPARTICLES for C4D #mochat
  24. @caitcadieux I often use Sequence Layers to do cascading animations. Combined with Kinda Sorta it's powerful  http://aescripts.com/rd-kinda-sorta/  #mochat
  25. Sometimes i tell people that half my job is finding a script/plugin that makes my job easier #mochat
  26. @caitcadieux @LeeHoffguy @pikero24 have never used keysmith so can't say but it has so much more functionality with it #mochat
  27. @LeeHoffguy super useful for duplicating whole trees of compositing precomps to swap to new 3d frames/masks without overwriting. #mochat
  28. @seanhunsche yeah, I like Ouroboros but it is too chunky for me to use for the most part. Still super handy sometimes. #mochat
  29. @decca_digital I'm currently making do with MB's Connect Layers. Poor Freelance Money can't buy plexus. #mochat
  30. @LeeHoffguy ooh yeah! Big fan of True Comp Duplicator. Don't use it often but when I need it, it's a lifesaver. #mochat
  31. @caitcadieux @seanhunsche I've got ouroboros on my list, but haven't done much with it yet. Excited to mess around. #mochat
  32. @pikero24 @caitcadieux would have been so helpful on the current project about a week ago #mochat
  33. @seanhunsche @caitcadieux if you can script a bit, you can make kinda sorta work for you. Sort layers by distance to comp center! #mochat
  34. @decca_digital #mochat reminds me I would love you to test my new triangulate plugin. Could do some cool UI stuff with it
  35. I want to harp more on EaseCopy because it's so simple but it saves so much time. I love it. #mochat
  36. @seanhunsche @caitcadieux Sorting layers and offsetting with sequencer makes C4D mograph-esque plain-effector animations! #mochat
  37. @caitcadieux will add that to the list of needs haha, motion helps with that a little though #mochat
  38. @Zonaefly @pikero24 - I thought $200 was pretty a good price for a plugin as powerful as Plexus. #mochat
  39. Evening #mochat ! +1 for Motion v2, amazingly easy keyframe easing. Haven’t even really played with the rest of the tools on it
  40. @caitcadieux That's what I use Duik's animation panel for, it's not the same, but it's fairly good in a pinch #mochat
  41. @decca_digital @Zonaefly When you need it it's definitely worth it, but if you're learning and can't bill to a client... #mochat
  42. I love overlap, great script for cascading animation #mochat
  43. @decca_digital @Zonaefly @pikero24 I'm glad I caught the Trapcode Suite A) on sale and B) while I was still a student. Hoo boy! #mochat
  44. X-Particles is so much fun too... but I'm not good enough at it yet to use it in production.. gotta hot the tuts #mochat
  45. and I LOVE the Trapcode Suite, and Particular in... uh, particular, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily a 'must buy ASAP' deal #mochat
  46. ft toolbar, True Comp Duplicator & BG Renderer are my first installs after Motion. #mochat
  47. @RhynoGFX this reminds me that I've still never gotten BG Renderer. #mochat
  48. @pikero24 @decca_digital Yeah...for a newbie I'm sticking to the free ones for awhile. One day I'll have money. #mochat
  49. I've gotten quite fond of Gifgun in the short time it's been around. I also like the Hypoly Golden Ratio Preset for designing in AE #mochat
  50. @caitcadieux It’s pretty great if you have a bunch of stuff going on. If you typically set renders overnight, it’s not a necessity. #mochat
  51. @decca_digital layer stalker looks like it could be really, really useful in certain situations! #mochat
  52. @pikero24 I like potential in Gif Gun, but as of now it is not helpful for the stuff i need it for, will keep an eye on updates #mochat
  53. @JackSabbath2D I like it as a first pass. I often still go to photoshop, but I think it's worth the money assuming it's still in dev #mochat
  54. @pikero24 sorry, the Golden Ratio one! That's crazy!! Gifgun I want to like but I want more settings... #mochat
  55. @caitcadieux The golden ratio is almost like a second title safe for me. #mochat
  56. Now to flip things up a bit, what do you feel like AE is lacking that you could really use a solution for? #mochat
  57. @caitcadieux not explicitly. You can make handle presets. Essentially "paste" them. haven't made any "copy" sets yet. easecopy=safe #mochat
  58. @caitcadieux not necessarily a script but the ability to bring in text from illustrator and be an editable text layer. #mochat
  59. @caitcadieux also the ability to save a swatch in photoshop/illustrator and bring it into AE #mochat
  60. @seanhunsche I would KILL to have ligatures/opentype features in AE. I still can't fathom why they don't have exceptions for those! #mochat
  61. @caitcadieux shape layers repeaters are close, but take so much more set up. I want fast cloning #mochat
  62. @seanhunsche you can kinda sorta sorta kinda do this with Ray Dynamic Color, can't you? #mochat
  63. This #mochat just in time time. Just made the jump to Adobe CC 2015
  64. @caitcadieux Cuz they like to make our life difficult, also would be nice to be able to break up words/characters into indivd layers #mochat
  65. @caitcadieux i guess kinda but Ray never seems to work right for me, feel like it should just be native #mochat
  66. @caitcadieux @seanhunsche Sometimes I use Type-O-Matic if I need complex per-character animations. #mochat
  67. @pikero24 @caitcadieux i'll look into it, i like to do word by word tho, just tired of masking every single word to have them offset #mochat
  68. @caitcadieux AE needs a good solution for collaboration. I have spots sharing artcards and 3 artists and now my assets are fractured #mochat
  69. @seanhunsche @caitcadieux I haven’t used Ray yet, bought this one first. Its simple and straight forward. #mochat
  70. Onion skinning for character work. would be nice. #mochat I have been told to use Anime Studio Pro by @Oddernod
  71. @MetalDave79 ugh I guess I've had the good fortune not to be sharing project files. Sounds like a minefield. #mochat
  72. @jasonpoley @Oddernod I believe Paint & Stick has implemented some kind of onion skinning #mochat
  73. Does anyone have a replacement for OMNIO Glass? I've been looking for one since CS6. #mochat
  74. @jasonpoley @Oddernod not sure how robust it is though. I've stuck with Photoshop and I'm intrigued by Anime Studio Pro #mochat
  75. @seanhunsche It was a plugin that did displacement mapping but included rainbow chromatic refraction. #mochat
  76. @pikero24 interesting, not stuff i really ever would need but sounds cool #mochat
  77. @pikero24 @seanhunsche sounds like maybe something Red Giant Universe could have a solution for? #mochat
  78. @caitcadieux interactive HTML export. It's a big jump, but an important one. #mochat
  79. @jasonpoley @pikero24 @seanhunsche oh really? I haven't had a sub to it for quite a while but didn't have it crash. #mochat
  80. @caitcadieux @seanhunsche I haven’t tried the universe. The Subscription intimidates me into not touching it. #mochat
  81. @paulslemmer I need to check up on Paint & Stick and see how their onion skinning is #mochat
  82. @pikero24 ya i'm mograph all the way i guess, 2d animation/2d illustration mostly #mochat
  83. @caitcadieux 3D shape layer contents, including proper stroke perspective. #mochat
  84. @jasonpoley @pikero24 @seanhunsche yeah that's pretty annoying. I do love just how much stuff is in there though #mochat
  85. Any Newton fans in the house? I've used it on exactly one project before. #mochat
  86. @paulslemmer on this note, I'd love a built in way to taper strokes. 3D Stroke can be super glitchy and flickers a lot. #mochat
  87. @pikero24 I kind of regret buying Newton actually. Never once used it on a project in the last couple years. #mochat
  88. @caitcadieux @pikero24 It looked like it would be cool to play around with but I dont have a reason to buy it #mochat
  89. @caitcadieux @pikero24 using it on the current project but i didn't buy it my CD just happened to have it haha, cool what it can do #mochat
  90. @JackSabbath2D @pikero24 I got thrown when I realized it was shape layers only. Makes sense but threw me off haha #mochat
  91. @sketchseven awesome!! Glad to hear it, that and Rift get constant use from me! #mochat
  92. @caitcadieux @pikero24 Anyway to replace the shapes once you have build it, or attach other layers with parenting, hide shape layers #mochat
  93. @laura_sly I am a huge fan of Illustrator but it totally could be tweaked a bit. Astute's plug ins there are a godsend. #mochat
  94. Any plugins you're eyeballin'? Anything you want to try but don't have yet? #mochat
  95. @caitcadieux Tao looks interesting, cant justify the upgrade tot he suite yet #mochat
  96. @jasonpoley oh yesss. And same, haha. I wonder what Particular 2 is like! #mochat
  97. @caitcadieux @jasonpoley I need to finally work with Rubberhose, since I paid for it, and yeah Tao looks fun #mochat
  98. @Zonaefly at least you're not lusting after the Trapcode Suite! $$$ #mochat
  99. @caitcadieux I'd be interested in trying skybox for VR video stuff but I have neither a project nor a client. #mochat
  100. @seanhunsche these are amazing and worth it and totally do it. The points eraser alone is so great. #mochat
  101. @caitcadieux the thing with getting all these plugins is remembering to use them! I have a certain amount of plugin clutter going on #mochat
  102. @JackSabbath2D @caitcadieux forgot about that one. Downsides of being a housecat over freelance is I dont control the purse strings #mochat
  103. @caitcadieux once had a script for illustrator that allowed you to pull bezier handles equally on both signs, have since lost it tho #mochat
  104. @jasonpoley @JackSabbath2D this is the first time I've heard the term housecat for in house and I love it so very much. #mochat
  105. @sketchseven super true. I try to be really picky and get stuff that overall speeds up workflow than a bunch of flashy stuff #mochat
  106. @caitcadieux @sketchseven Anything that makes me faster or my renders faster is a plus for me #mochat
  107. @JackSabbath2D @caitcadieux there is joy to be found in mimicking plugin effects with vanilla tools. if you have time #mochat
  108. @jasonpoley @caitcadieux I now want to animate the differences between housecat and straycat motion designers #mochat
  109. @pikero24 @caitcadieux #mochat I've used it quite a bit. Really no other way to do 360 in AE without it.
  110. @caitcadieux I use Trapcode Form and Video Copilot's Optical Flares quite a bit. Corporate America loves dat shiny. #mochat
  111. @pikero24 I've always wanted to use Form in a project and never really needed to. What do you use it for? #mochat
  112. Let's wrap up tonight's #mochat with any last sweet plug in/script shout outs you've got!
  113. I'm going to heap days of praise on Rubberhose again for character animators, and for AI users, ESL is a must must must have. #mochat
  114. @caitcadieux @jasonpoley I think we should make it a #mochat thing, like everyone animates an element from Housecat or stray cat #mochat
  115. @jasonpoley @JackSabbath2D yeah this is more and more up my alley. Lots of litterbox joke potential in here too... hahaha #mochat
  116. #mochat hi everyone. 'no mythologies to follow' is my favorite of her albums. #MØchat
  117. And that's it for tonight's #mochat ! Now get outta here, strays. And/or shiny-coated canned food house cats.