#mochat 161 - Kicking Off 2016

  1. Welcome to #mochat everyone! Tonight we’re talking 2016: what are our plans and how will we see them through?
  2. If you’re new to the chat, you can learn more at  http://mochat.xyz/about  Just remember to include the #mochat hashtag.
  3. So 2016 just started. What's everyone hoping to get done? #mochat
  4. @pikero24 Thanks! Not the first choice. A few other domain extensions were taken or parked. #mochat
  5. @conigs Create art that inspires people, build a better work/life balance, and make lots of moolah would be nice too ;) #mochat
  6. @conigs want to get my reel out. want to concentrate on sci-fi/fluids/environment stuff #mochat
  7. @pikero24 Well, we’re been around for three-and-a-half years. That's old in start-up years. #mochat
  8. @conigs For sure, would love to say I work from 9-6 each day and that's it. Won't happen this month prob but will keep working on it #mochat
  9. In 2016, I'm going to work to improve my understanding of expressions and scripting in AE #mochat
  10. Survive another year. RT @conigs: So 2016 just started. What's everyone hoping to get done? #mochat
  11. For 2016 I'd like to improve my pitching skills and get really confident at selling and idea. #mochat
  12. @conigs I've been building up a library of tutorials, tips and tricks that I haven't watched yet. Goal: watch and absorb knowledge. #mochat
  13. @conigs Lots of things...like my 2015 reel, redo website, write a book, finish those AE projects I started last year, and more. #mochat
  14. @seanhunsche @conigs I'd like to finish my new reel, finally finish a short film, & make more title sequences. & more Mograp Selfies #mochat
  15. @wsupchris learning expressions and scripts helped me understand how after effects works and use it efficiently. So practical #mochat
  16. also find a job. 'cause i still haven't done that. #mochat
  17. @pikero24 @conigs learning is always very important, that's my goal every year. learn as much as possible, be smarter than last yr #mochat
  18. @conigs Happy New Year. I'm working towards kicking off 2016 with a new reel. Look forward to new projects & working with new peeps #mochat
  19. @motiongnome Have you tried the 10 ideas a day? People on Medium say it's helpful for pitching & idea generation. #mochat
  20. @seanhunsche @conigs I swear that every year I look back at myself lasy year and think "What an idiot." Good. I think … #mochat
  21. @conigs oh, and getting asus to fix my damn motherboard is pretty high on the list #mochat
  22. @Zonaefly Where have you been looking? There's some great places in Colorado. #mochat
  23. @pikero24 absolutely! I want to get even more comfortable this year, especially with scripts. #mochat
  24. @conigs nope. latest is they insist i sent them stuff ive never even owned... o_O #mochat
  25. @pikero24 @conigs I like where i've come from this point last year. becoming financially independent, buying a car, lots of growth #mochat
  26. 2016: update my moldy, festering reel; delve into character animation. #mochat
  27. @conigs @Mediachange and I are looking to do bigger jobs including #production work as well as motion design #mochat
  28. @beatgram Happy New Year! Your new script looks nice. Even if aescripts thinks it's dumb #mochat
  29. @conigs Job wise, I think the problem is my experience in motion is slim. So I'm working on personal projects. #mochat
  30. @pikero24 @conigs I love it when I stumble upon a tutorial that I had saved for later and am excited to see #mochat
  31. @seeinggreene I want to try that new AE Character Animator, looks really cool once you get all assets in order #mochat
  32. @pikero24 @conigs stay with it, focus on the process, keep your head up, it will happen #mochat
  33. @DerekTac @seeinggreene Really couldnt get into character animator. seems like a great idea but the preview for me has been eh. #mochat
  34. @DerekTac It's pretty cool but I think it might be a few more rounds before it really starts to hum. #mochat
  35. @StanLube @DerekTac @seeinggreene After looking at it more, there's some serious potential there, and not just for characters. #mochat
  36. @DerekTac @seeinggreene I tried it briefly between jobs, but not enough to understand. I can see the power,but can't harness it #mochat
  37. I want like a true characer studio with tracking and DUiK built in and Onion skinning. #mochat
  38. @pikero24 Happy new year, man! I'm alright if everyone think it's dumb. But I hope it helps out someone to learn scripting. :) #mochat
  39. @conigs @RagingClaw We do not exist, we are all robots. Oops, I mean, 01010111 01100101 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01101111 #mochat
  40. #mochat Develop more scripts to make people able to go home early
  41. @seeinggreene I might start goofing with it. I have done some char animations the old fashion way. Rigging is still quite similar #mochat
  42. I got a monthly gig with mapping and the works in madison. Its great pocket money. I use old iphones as live cams. #mochat
  43. @vaporstack Many people would be very thankful. What are some of your script ideas? #mochat
  44. @DerekTac Yeah, I wasn't specifically referring to the new AE tool, more just understanding rigging in general. #mochat
  45. #mochat vj / realtime stuff needs its own domain imo. not that it Isn't mograph but the terms are too vague already
  46. Seems like a lot of people are trying to get into scripting this 2016 #mochat
  47. @Zonaefly No I haven't - but it looks awesome! Its like a workout for your brain. #mochat
  48. @seeinggreene Just remember the song... "The knee bone's connected to the...knee bone" etc etc and setting anchor points #mochat
  49. @DerekTac Nothing yet. But when I was talking with @FakeGreenDress about Ch, it came up. I didn't know it could take PNG sequences. #mochat
  50. @pikero24 for sure would like to, also mabye work on finding more ways to make money without working #mochat
  51. @motiongnome It is...I did it for about 3 weeks...then got distracted. I need to restart the habit. It's really helpful. #mochat
  52. @vaporstack Doesn't it involve a lot of pre-made assets being rigged to specific stimuli?( I have no idea, this is what I assume) #mochat
  53. @StanLube Did you mean you could somehow use the AE Char Animator for VJing? #mochat
  54. I'm excited to see the evolution of VR in the motion design space. Do you think this will be the year it explodes? #mochat
  55. @conigs Not a lot planned for this year. Just moving cross-country and changing careers... #mochat
  56. @DerekTac @StanLube I use syphon and AE for realtime asset stuff so yeah can map stuff on the fly to different pieces #mochat
  57. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really confused about scripting. Anyone want to explain things to me? Like what it means. #mochat
  58. @Zonaefly Scripting is usually writing scripts to automate certain things within AE or other programs. Different from expressions. #mochat
  59. @Zonaefly basically you can code cool stuff and tell AE precisely what you want it to do. #mochat
  60. #mochat trying to keep up on a phone is futile. will be properly seated for next one oops
  61. @Zonaefly depends on what scripting you mean. AE is javascript layered with their API #mochat
  62. @vaporstack usually they're a bit slower, I think it's the new year buzz #mochat
  63. @Zonaefly @motiongnome I've never heard of this 10 ideas a day. Is there a link for it? #mochat
  64. @paradisenmotion Have you ventured into cardboard VR for your phone? It's a pretty nifty little cutout.. #mochat
  65. @conigs @DerekTac Ch is also just javascript underneath, for those interested in scripting. You can write your own behaviors! #mochat
  66. @FakeGreenDress @DerekTac That's the other thing we were talking about. I really need to dig into it. #mochat
  67. @conigs Okay so the term scripting is making a little more sense. Thanks! #mochat
  68. @conigs This year i'm looking to go to a conference and meet up with some of you all. #mochat
  69. Just had my first day at a new job. Feeling good about 2016! #mochat
  70. @seeinggreene I was too for a while, but I am starting to see the potential. 360 video and mobile devices seem to show promise. #mochat
  71. I must not take on too much client work. I must not take on too much client work. I must not take on too much client work. #mochat
  72. @jasonpoley That can be a problem. Saying no is okay and a good goal to have. #mochat
  73. @vaporstack That sounds really simple and yet alarmingly complicated... Cool man! #mochat
  74. In 2016 I'm going to try to take on more client work. #mochat
  75. There are so many #goals in 2016 but my #alltime #goal is to #meet up with awesome #mographers as much as possible! #mochat
  76. @paradisenmotion Me neither, but watching people goof with them on youtube is always fun to watch :D #mochat
  77. @caitcadieux @conigs the 2nd day is always the hardest or something like that i heard from a movie once #mochat
  78. I also have a new year's resolution to interact on with #mochat people more and contribute to the slack conversations
  79. @seeinggreene @conigs my plan is to finally do a personal project. I dont need to work as much as I do. #mochat
  80. @conigs sounds like a lot of other people have much more exciting 2016s planned. I’ll finish a couple of movies, add some coworkers. #mochat
  81. @jasonpoley @conigs I'm trigger happy... teasing but that really is a great goal #mochat
  82. @conigs and maybe I’ll finish building my flex server. I just want to live in a house where all my media is put away. #mochat
  83. #MOCHAT | My main goal is to continue learning to master modelling in Cinema 4D.
  84. @conigs Collaborate with awesome people and learn from all the awesome people around me! #mochat
  85. @Motionworks You've already gone a long way. It's fun watching your in-progress posts. #mochat
  86. @Motionworks this is also a goal of mine! Still want to get into some resin printing! #mochat
  87. One of my other resolutions is to tell better stories. If I have enough time I would love to have 12 completed mograph films. #mochat
  88. @conigs Thanks Paul, I think by 2017 I’ll really start getting the hang of it. #mochat
  89. I have to get @MNAEUG back up and in order very soon. And keep it running on full speed this year. #mochat
  90. @conigs that reminds me I will get to the AE+C4D melb meet up this year #mochat
  91. @Zonaefly Thats a huge goal- i cant imagine the time for that.Awesome! #mochat
  92. @StanLube I call these unrealistic goals that if I don't sleep I can achieve. #mochat
  93. Can I change my goal? I want to buy a beer for every mographer who swings through Boston. Prost! #mochat
  94. @hungrymindcg @MNAEUG It's looking like Feb will be the first one of the year, followed by one in March with Digital Anarchy. #mochat
  95. @conigs I have a goal to use type effectively in 2016. New, outlandish, characteristic typography and fonts #mochat
  96. @Zonaefly Love it! I feel like when it comes down to it, that is what I really want to be: a storyteller. #mochat
  97. @beatgram Dude when are you going to finally share those awesome scripts? Stop teasing us! #mochat
  98. @hungrymindcg You should join me in the storytelling habit I've started. One story a day, doesn't matter the format/medium. #mochat
  99. Anyone have goals to stop doing something in 2016? #mochat
  100. @hungrymindcg @conigs Maybe after the next 100 days. I got something lined up for the next one already.. It's gonna be challenging! #mochat
  101. @conigs I have a goal to stop undercharging, and to stop worrying so much #mochat
  102. 2016 I want to stop sitting all day, but then how will I master C4D??! #mochat
  103. @Zonaefly working through 12 principles of animation, 1 per day, 1 month for each principle! Maybe I should incorporate stories? #mochat
  104. @conigs #mochat Stop letting my brain ignore my gut regarding sketchy situations
  105. @conigs Stop playing quite so much fallout4 and rocket league #mochat
  106. @conigs I’d say stop pulling all-nighters but God knows that’s something I should never claim will actually happen or it won’t. #mochat
  107. @conigs @Zonaefly I just started at a new company, maybe I should wait a bit before making a standing desk demand :o #mochat
  108. Jumping on the "Everydays" bandwagon but instead of doing renders in Octane I am tackling small tasks to complete my first short #mochat
  109. @jasonpoley @conigs I’ve not regretted cutting my video game time in half and devoting it to animating. I’d recommend it! #mochat
  110. @_kylebrown I very much like the idea of an everyday being a small part of a bigger whole instead of a one-off. #mochat
  111. @_kylebrown Anyone who can accomplish any brand of everydays for a sustained period gets respect in my book #mochat
  112. @conigs @_kylebrown doing one thing a day is the beginning of the road that leads to doing everything everyday! #Mochat
  113. @conigs not saying yes to everybody. starting to say no. it's easier with a full schedule! #mochat
  114. @seeinggreene Had just wrapped up Day 5 and decided to pop over to twitter for some #mochat. Here's hoping the habit sticks.
  115. You know this year I really just want to make more, and teach more. I have a goal to basically put out whole classes on youtube #mochat
  116. @StanLube I really want to teach in an actual classroom. I loved speaking at @AdobeAeWorld to a real group of people. #mochat
  117. @Zonaefly Would you care to collaborate/help me stick to it? I love having others contribute ideas for my drawings! #mochat
  118. @conigs @StanLube planning on speaking anywhere else we can hear it this year? #mochat
  119. @hungrymindcg I would love to help! I'm really good at 365 day habits. :D #mochat
  120. My goal is to narrow my focus in 3D and actually make something original by this time next year. #Mochat
  121. Do you guys ever worry about having too many things you want to accomplish? How do you deal with that? #mochat
  122. I am checking out of #mochat early tonight - need to get back to the new reel. Best of luck in 2016 #mochatters
  123. @hungrymindcg Last year I just made up my own goal. 365 days of Lettering. I'm still not sure how I accomplished it. #mochat
  124. @conigs @imjohnflores_ @conigs This was supposed to about being productive in the new year! What have we done?! #mochat
  125. @seeinggreene figure out what the most important thing is and focus on it. At some point you have to give something up for a goal. #mochat
  126. Last year I took a selfie every morning right as I woke up. I've yet to put together my 365 time lapse. Should be hilarious #mochat
  127. @DerekTac I need to put all of the random footage I took during 2015 together. I have yet to start. #mochat
  128. Last few minutes of the chat… what advise do you have for everyone hoping to accomplish their list of 2016 goals? #mochat
  129. @seeinggreene I work back from really big goals until I get to the present. Does this project idea get me closer to my big goal? #mochat
  130. @seeinggreene Unless ur periscoping urself w/ said beer, I have no idea which one ur drinking. Unless you like all beer equally :) #mochat
  131. @imjohnflores_ lol Tis fine. The last month was learning about holidays from around the world. #mochat
  132. @conigs Write those bad boys down, memory sucks. Manifest and conquer #mochat
  133. Have a goal? Write it down, look at it everyday. work on it just a tiny bit if anything. Its a marathon, not a sprint #mochat
  134. When big things happen, they happen FAST, hold on and roll with it. #mochat
  135. @conigs Always be punctual. On an unrelated note, hey everyone! #mochat
  136. @Zonaefly Oh cool! Can't wait to see more! I tried lettering before but failed miserably. haha! #mochat
  137. #mochat if you want to start something big, start small. One step at a time!
  138. @conigs You can have big,broad goals, just set smaller specific ones. Read books is okay. Read unread books on your shelf is better #mochat
  139. Clients almost always order the steak, they really want the hamburger #mochat
  140. @conigs Habit wise set aside a few minutes every day to work on it. #mochat
  141. @StanLube id rather have a hamburger.. with bacon... and bbq sauce... mmmmm #mochat
  142. If you want to achieve your 2016 goals, write em down w/ deadlines & have someone keep you accountable. You really gotta want it!! #mochat
  143. On the topic of writing things down… Keeping a Field Notes notebook and pen in my pocket at all times has been awesome. #mochat
  144. @conigs Make time to accomplish your goals. Have a buddy to nudge you when you're staying off track. #mochat
  145. @StanLube What about the ones that want a steak, but hand you a recipe for toast? #mochat
  146. @imjohnflores_ @Zonaefly Thanks I'm super excited to see even more improvement. You should try lettering again. It's fun! #mochat
  147. @conigs I've been doing that as well, one with a dot grid for easy storyboard frames. #mochat
  148. @imjohnflores_ @conigs I'm definitely not writing a script to send you a tweet saying "nudge" everyday. Nope. Not what I'm doing now #mochat
  149. @conigs I’d start by advising you about the spelling of advice. :-D #mochat
  150. @DerekTac A mixture of my iphone & a Nikon I sometimes steal from my dad. #mochat
  151. @pikero24 @conigs Hahaha the thing with digital stuff is the fact that you can always "Snooze" #mochat
  152. This was a fun start to the new year. Thanks for a great mochat again @conigs #mochat
  153. Alright everyone. That does it for tonight’s #mochat on kicking off 2016.
  154. T'was a fun & exciting #mochat tonight. I'm excited to see how 2016 goes. C:
  155. @DerekTac no. you dont know me and my sorrows.. ive not enough drink for that anyway..... #mochat
  156. @conigs thanks for hosting! That was fun! See you all next Tuesday! hopefully.. #thedaybeforemybirthday #mochat