#mochat 160 - 2015 in Review

  1. Welcome to #mochat everyone! Tonight we’re talking about 2015 in review.
  2. If you’re new to the chat, you can learn more at  http://motionleague.com/mochat  Just remember to include the #mochat hashtag.
  3. We’ll be talking about projects (yours and others), tools, conferences… and anything else you found great in 2015. #mochat
  4. @conigs I think finding mochat was one of the best things I found in 2015 #love you guys #sentimental #imnotcrying #lookaway! #mochat
  5. @conigs @pikero24 I'll be on vacation so it will be nice to have a break and not feel like I am missing anything #mochat
  6. So lets start with projects. What were some of highlights from your own projects or others’? #mochat
  7. @conigs finally having time to actually complete a personal project was pretty great #mochat
  8. @conigs One of my biggest side projects was Mograph Selfie, the term i coined in a #mochat discussion  http://mographselfie.tumblr.com/ 
  9. @conigs it was an unusually busy and tough year for me but I did work I'm definitely proud of + worked with great places too #mochat
  10. @conigs @9squaresproject I would like to work on a 9 square eventually, looks like a lot of fun #mochat
  11. @conigs The highlight of the year was that I won an award, the downside of which is that I feel like a jerk for mentioning it. :P #mochat
  12. @conigs Horizon Interactive Award, for Motion Graphics and Animation in a piece for Duke University. Was a really fun project. #mochat
  13. @amras @conigs Congrats Kevin! Never bad to tout an award — you earned it! #mochat
  14. @Oddernod @georegulus I'm glad that we can take a step back from our beloved software and give it constructive criticism #mochat
  15. @conigs @flabbyironman that would be when we finished and hw got sleep a full night in his own bed #mochat
  16. @conigs @RagingClaw oh hey, thx for the inadvertent reminder to get my tweetbot open. I think my highlight was watching Lazer Team #mochat
  17. @conigs @RagingClaw sitting with the audience at the second Fantastic Fest screening and seeing them not hate it meant a lot. #mochat
  18. @flabbyironman @conigs @RagingClaw I'm sure all the audiences will not hate it when they see it next year! #mochat
  19. @conigs Another project I enjoyed was creating my first @loopdeloopaloop animation and getting selected and visiting Brooklyn #mochat
  20. @conigs I worked on 3-screen Escape format for Maze Runner 2 and it was an enormous pain but good experience and something different #mochat
  21. @RagingClaw @conigs haha. I’m giving a commencement talk on Thu & I’m going to paint a portrait of the joys of sleeping in your car. #mochat
  22. @conigs @pikero24 @RagingClaw you can bring them to a theater anywhere in the country on January 27th. #mochat ok. I’m done plugging.
  23. the last year has been so up and down and fraught with problems I’ve mostly forgot what I’ve achieved— that’s sad. #mochat
  24. Good year at a new company, lots of projects, learned a lot of new skills, sadness that was CC 2015, and a new 3d computer! #mochat
  25. @conigs Really liked working on things that were a little different. Looping McD's menu animations was fun to go see, and a first #mochat
  26. @Oddernod it’s still one of my goals to work with you at some point. Maybe a 2016 to do item. #mochat
  27. Along with the projects… what’s one thing you learned this year that stood out? #mochat
  28. @conigs One of the best things was seeing some of my work on broadcast and on a jumbotron screen. @eyedesyn can attest I was excited #mochat
  29. @conigs Honestly, what struck me the most this year was how tight-knit the mograph community is. I'd had an inkling, but never knew. #mochat
  30. Still finishing up, but Animation Bootcamp has been my big highlight this year. #mochat
  31. @flabbyironman @AndreKrat Ahoy! Lazer Team will probably be my first highlight of next year :D #mochat
  32. @seeinggreene How is it? I’ve been on a “back to basics” kick this year and thought about joining. #mochat
  33. @conigs that I can help lead a team without blowing it up. I regained a lot of confidence out of that. #mochat
  34. @conigs @AndreKrat agh now I'm tempted to actually find something that would work #mochat
  35. @conigs @caitcadieux @AndreKrat It's just an easy ease keyframe. maybe with some bezier handle accents #mochat
  36. @conigs Previous to ABC I was competent to intermediate; understanding a few key concepts put me several levels up from where I was #mochat
  37. Continuously Rasterize you see them all the time in tattoos. #mochat
  38. @conigs it has been pretty busy but been battling a lot of demons, health, and financial issues too #mochat
  39. @caitcadieux @AndreKrat @conigs sort of like the fellowship of the rings crew that all got nine in elvish tattooed on them. #mochat
  40. @TomJDonaldson I love the idea of a tattoo you'd have to constantly explain. "No, it's not a sun, it's a design th- nevermind. Sun." #mochat
  41. @flabbyironman @caitcadieux @AndreKrat @conigs Who would the 9 be? Can I be a hobbit who crashes the party and gets to go anyways? #mochat
  42. How is it possible that animated tattoos are not already a thing? #mochat
  43. @conigs most of the year stuck on a film project that’s effectively bankrupted me. #mochat
  44. @seeinggreene Could probably wrangle some kind of AR thing that'd be read by a phone. #mochat
  45. @AndreKrat @seeinggreene Well twistable lcd screens are a new thing, so maybe next year it can be stitched to an arm! #mochat
  46. Next year I'd like to go to a conference/convention and meet some of you all. #mochat
  47. @pikero24 @AndreKrat @seeinggreene I’m guessing it’ll eventually be some sort of biocompatible e-ink mesh. #mochat
  48. @flabbyironman @AndreKrat @seeinggreene Think of all the harry potter fans. There's money there. Step 3: Profit! #mochat
  49. Real busy week. Can't make it to #mochat. Hope you guys are having a great chatty chat!
  50. This year was the first year I went to @AdobeAeWorld… also the first time I’ve presented at a conference! #mochat
  51. @conigs F5 was a freakin great time. Would have loved to do more but it was a tough year for me conference wise! #mochat m
  52. Was thinking about an IK chain on one of my fingers too. I've thoughts about this before... #mochat
  53. @amras @conigs it really was a blast, great speakers and loads to do/people to meet. Hoping another one is around the corner! #mochat
  54. Only heard great things about Blend, any of you in attendance? #mochat
  55. @conigs when is your talk/blogpost going live? I've already gotten on the hype train. #mochat
  56. @flabbyironman Maybe “presented like a person who figured some stuff out over time”. #mochat
  57. @conigs I suppose it depends on the definition of boss. I’m sure there are poor presenters who also happen to be bosses. #mochat
  58. @pikero24 I have one more AEP to get in shape to put on the page, but you can see notes/files here:  http://conigs.com/avw15  #mochat
  59. Blend definitely seemed like a fun conference to go to. I wish I could have gone. #mochat
  60. @conigs I got quite a lot out of the Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn video streams. Plus they keep adding new content. #mochat
  61. @longlivemikey @AdobeAeWorld For sure. It was great to have access to them and ask all my random questions directly. #mochat
  62. What about on the tool/plugin/script side? What stood out to you this year? #mochat
  63. @conigs Rubberhose, GifGun, new Duik, plus I finally jumped on the Explode Shape Layers Bandwagon and wow is that helpful. #mochat
  64. @conigs Not exactly a #moGraph tool, but the updates to Sony's alpha 7 series were are an exciting tool in my shop. #mochat
  65. GifGun seems like it will be useful for a lot of folks. #mochat
  66. @seeinggreene It’s a nice one-button solution. Wish there were some access to settings like colors/dithering. But it’s a nice 1.0! #mochat
  67. @conigs Duik's new update is really awesome. Been using alot for a project at work #mochat
  68. I’m really thankful for the new stacking panels in @AdobeAE 13.6. So many scripts to stack up. #mochat
  69. @JackSabbath2D @conigs I've been using the new Duik so much. I'm amazed how much is in a single tool #mochat
  70. @conigs @pikero24 free. Get shapes up. I want to see how someone else uses them and if I'm alone. #mochat
  71. @pikero24 @JackSabbath2D And they all go together nicely! It doesn’t feel like a kitchen-sink tool at all. #mochat
  72. DecomposeText is a basic script, but I just found it and it saves a ton of time breaking words down into characters. #mochat
  73. @seeinggreene I have it, and always forget about it. I could have used it on my last project so hard! #mochat
  74. @conigs Sketchbook also, I improved drawing hands by drawing them on my commute. Vast improvement this year #mochat
  75. @seeinggreene @JackSabbath2D @conigs I mainly use it to standardise animation curves, but the rigging can be super useful as well #mochat
  76. @seeinggreene @pikero24 @conigs I use it for rigging characters, I have yet to learn Rubber Hose yet #mochat
  77. @JackSabbath2D @seeinggreene @conigs "learning" rubber hose is like "learning" the beam effect. you look and already know #mochat
  78. @adamplouff @conigs Kind of surprised everyone isn't using Quick Menu? Speeds my day up to noticeably #mochat
  79. @Oddernod @adamplouff I just learned about it here, it's definitely going on my list to santa. #mochat
  80. @JackSabbath2D @pikero24 @conigs Do you have a shape layer bias or something? Because I have a fetish.... #mochat
  81. Thought this script was useful. Nudge keyframes to the nearest whole frame, correctly.  http://bit.ly/1O4pcuP  by @beatgram #mochat
  82. @seeinggreene @pikero24 @conigs Nothing against shape layers, just usually built my stuff outside of AE, so has a different look #mochat
  83. Less than 10 minutes left of #mochat. Any last minute highlights to share?
  84. @flabbyironman @conigs 3840 x 2160 right? I've been memorising these numbers for a reason… right? #mochat
  85. @conigs I would just like to thank everyone for all the feedback and ideas this year #mochat
  86. Seriously though, finding the #mochat and mograph community has been a highlight of my year the whole way through.
  87. This is the last #mochat of the year. We’ll return on January 5th, 2016.
  88. We’re working on a new #mochat site up and running by the next chat.
  89. We’re also always listening for topic or guest ideas. So feel free to share! #mochat
  90. Thanks to everyone for making 2015 a great year for #mochat.
  91. @conigs Thanks for hosting another incredible year of conversations. You're bringing people together. #PaulforPresident #mochat