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Life Science Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

Free or low cost resources and strategies from Comprendia for getting exposure and generating leads with a small budget.


  1. Start by becoming a 'channel' of information on a topic and use social media to spread the message. Provide useful information using free tools and people will look to you whether they're a customer today or down the road.
  2. Get information for your 'channel' using RSS feeds.
  3. Repurpose print or online items as part of the content--life science companies have been creating great resources for years!
  4. Draw people to your website for lead generation by adding content related to your channel.
  5. Got news? You can DIY your press release, follow these suggestions to get the maximum value.
  6. Use management tools and strategies to help you minimize the time you need for social media, thus minimizing the cost.
  7. LinkedIn is a fantastic free tool for getting exposure and leads, just use it carefully and remember that it's not all about you--only 10% of what you post should be promotional.
  8. Google is another great free tool, learn to leverage it!
  9. Ditto (or Dodo?) for Twitter, a great free tool which is popular with scientists!
  10. Tying it all together--here is a presentation highlighting some examples of projects we've done following the above tactics.