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How To Find and Engage Life Science Bloggers and New Media

In anticipation of being on a panel hosted by Business Wire on health/biotech media on May 17 2012, I reached out to science bloggers to ask them how companies can get their attention. Follow the panel using #bwchat on Twitter from 8:45-9:45 a.m. PT 5/17.


  1. Here is the question I posed on Twitter.
  2. From the replies I received from this question, it was apparent that science bloggers respond best to people who have done their research, sending articles relevant to the topic of their blog.
  3. The reply below indicates an important quality: the item must be newsworthy.
  4. In addition, it is clear that bloggers prefer to know the person before they're being pitched a story.
  5. Moreover, relationships with bloggers may help guide you in determining what's newsworthy.
  6. Embargoes may help, although I talked to a blogger who has had bad experiences with them being delayed or broken by others.
  7. Since it is so important for companies to find the appropriate science blogs to pitch a story to, here are some resources to help.

  8. Start with setting up Google Alerts for your topic. This is the single best way to find blogs and thought leaders on a topic. As with all of the other strategies, start long before your press release is planned.
  9. There are some science blog lists and aggregators, which will help, but none are a complete resource.
  10. Here is a schematic of science blogs from @BrianReid.